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Runescape Cons

jargon11jargon11 Member Posts: 9

I used to play Runescape. I was and still am, in love with QUALITY browser games. Did you catch me saying "used to?" If you did, good. It's not a quality browser game anymore, for reasons including:

  • Spam bots, especially at the "Grand Exchange" (Marketplace)

  • It's geared more towards younger people, nowadays. More anoying children. (No offense meant.)

  • Poor graphics

  • Not very immersive in later stages (Levels 50+ or so)

Who agrees with my general viewpoint on RS that the bad outweighs the good in this game? Does there happen to be any other reasons? Perhaps a brave defender of the Runescape?

This is General Jargon11, out.


  • uquipuuquipu Member Posts: 1,516

    There's a runescape forum.

    Well shave my back and call me an elf! -- Oghren

  • CeridithCeridith Member UncommonPosts: 2,980

    I don't know whether it's sad, or funny...

    But I could apply nearly all of those same grievences to WoW.

  • jargon11jargon11 Member Posts: 9

    Woops... I didn't look through. Wondering how to move if at all possible?image

    This is General Jargon11, out.

  • jargon11jargon11 Member Posts: 9

    Originally posted by Ceridith

    I don't know whether it's sad, or funny...

    But I could apply nearly all of those same grievences to WoW.

    I don't like WoW tbh.

    This is General Jargon11, out.

  • bobblerbobbler Member UncommonPosts: 810

    you forgot runescape has a terrible field of view.... its trying to be 3d but its isometric with not enough zoomout


  • Jalice888Jalice888 Member CommonPosts: 113


    You are on the right path there. It's approximately 80% botter accounts aswell as at least 10% hacked accs the hacker is botting it up but destroying peoples huge fortune they spent to play to a decent level before they got hacked.

    Now if thats not bad enough, Jagex have failed totally with the promise they make to genuine players by allowing botters everywhere in the game now. Add to their failure is all the hackers you report they do nothing at all to stop them. If you list every hacker on you ignore list that you know, watch it daily & keep a list as their player acc names change every month trying to loose track of them by the original owner. By my estimation, with about 5 direct hacker accounts that i'm aware of, these alone destroy 500 to 1000 accounts in a few months.

    So what do they do with the stuff you wonder:

    First there's Faldor Party so these hackers get their mates together then get on the hacked account and throw a party so their mates get all the gear.  A mate of mine was told of the party the hacker on my account was throwing so he went and he got a BGS which is an item I never ever had on my account.. When he got it, all the others there harrassed the hell out of him demanding he wasn't supposed to be in that party since it was just for friends - remember it was on my account so he actually was the only friend out of all them. After i'll try to find an incomplete list of the items they hacked or partied away with from my account, Jagex don't even give any credit to your level to have the luck to get much aquired again and into the 8th month since being hacked i'm still struggling with no luck as far as drops etc.

    The other thing hackers do is go into PVP worlds, mainly BH one-on-one worlds, where they take their account while the hacker or a mate takes the stolen account and of course they easy kill a defenseless hacked account full of great gear and thus get a massive reward.

    Then of course there's Jagex themselves, their accounts are manipulating the GE Merch lot and they collect lots from these hacked accounts which they pump prices up so the genuine accounts can't afford much at all. There is rumours from so many that Jagex Player Mods are all botting all the time they are off and in doing so they compete to see if they can bott better than other computer cheat nerds.

    Crazy as it seems, nowdays Jagex want to reward the best botter like the present award for the best outfit. Who do you think will win this; a botter or the hacker? Each seems to make endless cash so it's may the best cheat  idiot win.

    Also don't forget the graphic changes too as mentioned above me. This does a lot of mess too slowing us down with lagg so more cash comes in and also having so much detail that even smithing cannon-balls is a forever going task simply for more Jagex cash. If there was an award for the most dishonourable game-maker then Jagex would win hands down. If you look on the home page of the game you will see the lie about Runescape being the No.1 Free to Play game and yet so few play it free at all. In the site there are heaps of games that are free with far more people playing them.

    Considering we wanted to play this game for freedom and relaxation, Jagex are actually killing the pigeon carrier and their income will crash once people are sick of the silly tricks Jagex, botter and hackers keep playing on decent people.

    I can't wait till yet another Jagex fool dies from being a no-lifer too. I have spent years warning players of the danger of that and still many do die. Reports say they don't know the reason but it's clearly game no-lifing with no daylight, thus no sun for making Vitamin D and thus nothing to prevent fatal disease. Look up Drmercola on google and see in the archives what it says about 'Sunlight' & 'Vitamin D' amongst a myriad of other health important information.

  • Jalice888Jalice888 Member CommonPosts: 113

    Hopefully I can paste my lost gear here and i'm sure there are a lot with lots more than that gone too.

    Lost Items Because of Blair Destroying my Account!


    Armour & Weapons Wc / Fletch / Range

    1. DFS sheild 1. 1 X Dragon Axe near

    2. Abyssal Whip 2. Frem Ranger helm

    3. Dragon Square Shield 3. 2.2k mage logs

    4. 1 Dhorak Legs 4. near 860 yew logs

    5. 1 Full Dhorak Set 5. 1800 Mahogany Logs

    6. (Dragon Boots) replaced 6. 2400 Teak logs or more

    7. 2 complete cannons 7. 765 Eucalyptus Logs

    8. 6320 cannon balls 8. 2846 red chinchoppas

    9. 3 X Rune Defenders 9. 865 Diamond (e) Bolts

    10. 2 X Rune Boots 10. 3950 Ruby (e) bolts

    11. Frem Warrior Helm 11. 970 Rune Arrows

    12. 2 X Dragon Halbeard 12. 5K Mith Arrows

    13. 4 X Rune scimmis 13. 87 rune knives

    14. Rune Trimmed Body (Sara) 14. 5400 mith knives

    15. 4 X Rune Bodies 15.

    16. 5 X Rune Legs 16.1490 Brutal Mith Arrows

    17. 2 X Slay Gloves 17.

    18. 2 X Red (dragonlike) Gloves 18.

    19. 5 Loop Half Keys 19.

    20. over 25 million gp cash 20. 23,400 feathered arrowshafts

    21. 1 Obbey Shield 21. 11,800 bowstrings

    22. 2 X D Meds 22. 18,500 Feathers

    Magic / Runecraft / Herblore / Food / Fishing

    1. Anchient Staff 1. Eyes of Newt lots like 370

    2. 2. Mort Myre Fungi X 350

    3. Guthix Cape 3. Limpwurts Roots X 350

    4. 1 Ghostly Cloak 4.180 Potatoe Cactus

    5. 1 Mystic Blue Body 5. 93 bird nests crushed

    6. 9500 Pure Essence 6. 30 Prayer Pots (4)

    7. 3400 Normal Essence 7. 960 plus Clean Dwarf Weed

    8. 58 X Rannar Seeds

    9. 67 X Kwarm Seeds

    10. 8700 Air Runes 53 X Snap Dragon Seeds

    11. 4500 X Water Runes 45 X Candantine Seeds

    12. 2800 X Earth Runes 37 X Lantandyme Seeds

    13. 3800 X Nature Runes 28 X Dwarf Weed Seeds

    14. 12860 X Chaos Runes 400 Raw Monkfish

    15. 3500 + Law Runes 5900 Cooked Sharks

    16. 7800 X Death Runes

    17. 2950 X Blood Runes

    18. 1250 X Soul Runes



    Mining / Smelting / Crafting / Jewellery /

    1. 600 Iron Ore 1. 22 X Glory Amulets

    2. 380 silver ore 2. 285 X Amulets of Power

    3. 23,890 Coal 3. 329 X Strength Amulets

    4. 16870 Gold Ore 4. 29 X Defence Amulets

    5. 340 Mith Ore

    6. 95 Addy Ore 48 X Rings of Life

    7. 48 Rune Ore

    8. 870 Iron bars

    9. 1245 Steel Bars 17 X Dragonstones Cut

    10. 680 Gold Bars 589 X Diamonds Cut

    11. 5830 Mith Bars 747 X Rubies Cut

    12. 6225 Addy Bars

    13. 18 Rune Bars 387 X orbs






    19. maybe 2 or 3 Rune Picks

    20. 275 X Rings of Recoil

    61. 465 X Rings of Dueling (8)

    62. 128 X Rings of Forging


    64. 5 X Rings of Wealth

    65. 8 X Games Neklaces (8)


    67. 790 Super Attack Pots (4)

    68. 390 Super strenght Pots (4)

    69. 455 Super defence pots (4)

    70. 270 Super Antipoison Pots (4)

    71. 380 Super energy Pots (4)

    72. 360 Antifire Pots(4)



















    ?Well, i'm not even sure I got all I had written down that I remembered but at least you get an idea of it.

    All genuine players, Take care and LOL at the botter accounts as regardless of levels they are truely insignificant

  • Schutzy121Schutzy121 Member Posts: 58

    It's agreed that runescape is TOTALLY boring when you are lvl 50+ because all you do is battle and do loooooooooooooooong quests that waste money and time.


  • ololuluololulu Member UncommonPosts: 164

    Have you ever thought that you are getting older and new people are at the age when you started?

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