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No more PVE server?

jehkahn12jehkahn12 Member UncommonPosts: 14

I tried to log in today to play and my server was missing.  Only PVP server is left.  Does that mean its down or does it mean they got rid of that one too?  I really dont want to start a new character.


  • dragonbranddragonbrand Member UncommonPosts: 412

    I thought it was announced that they were closing CoS down . . .

    yes, no, maybe so?

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  • freeyoupifreeyoupi Member UncommonPosts: 20

    Don't panic yet,

    This is a common aoccurance.

    The servers get rebooted daily at 3pm (EU time). Sometimes one (mostly the PvE but not too often) server starts before the others and therefore doesn't register properly in the list of up servers.

    This issue is often solved by the next reboot the very next day.

    So please wait and see.
    If it doesn't then it means there is realy something wrong.


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