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melee warden? what about other melee priests?

sinloisinloi Member UncommonPosts: 201


more specifically fury, mystic and defiler?

I like being ablt to play support in a group but melee when solo so was leanng towards a warden as my next charecter.

previous charecters I played were swashbuckler, dirge, troubadour, and coercer.


  • ariestearieste Member UncommonPosts: 3,309

    i believe inquisitor is the best for that.  mystics and wardens ok too.  don't pick defiler to melee.

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  • brett7018brett7018 Member UncommonPosts: 181

    I could not tell you about the inquisitor, but I am really enjoying the warden.  Just make sure you jack up your AA slider to like 75 due to alot of your good melee attacks coming from the Warden Combat Arts line. 

    Just to give you some insight: I leveled a warden and paladin to about mid 20 to just get the feel for them before choosing which.  I liked the warden more and he can survive just as easily (if not easier) than the plate wearing pally can in most instances. 

    The warden will just continue to improve as my levels and AA keep building, so I say give it a try.  (I do not play evil characters usually; RP-wise, so the warden was definately the right fit for me)

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