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Mass Effect 2 on Insanity setting for acheivement

Moaky07Moaky07 Member Posts: 2,096

Has anyone done this one?


I have the Insanity ach for ME1, and am now playing thru this one......Gaaaaaaaaah


Whoever tuned this should be kicked in the "daddy-bags", as the one engineer says.


For those that havent tried it....it starts out crazy tough. The limits on ammo adding even more problems to the mix. I ran out of ammo on one mob, and all my crew was dead with no medi-gel to revivie them. I ended up sitting behind a rock, and chain casting a power for over 20 minutes to take the mob out(scion).


Fights are a bit easier now for the most part as I have added upgrades, but the main story line ones are still tough.


I hope they dont use the Insanity setting for an acheivement in ME3, as it is really the worst thing to complain game overall. Awesome game, and Joystiq.com indicated it will be on sale at Amazon for those who havent tried it.

Asking Devs to make AAA sandbox titles is like trying to get fine dining on a McDonalds dollar menu budget.


  • NekrataalNekrataal Member Posts: 557

    Funny cuz I always go for the hardest setting in any games I play, with a few exceptions, & ME2 as been a walk in the park. Never ran out of ammo... In ME, you have to take your time, pause, revue your strategy, use your power in the most effective ways, etc.

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