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is lead & gold any fun?

majimaji Member UncommonPosts: 2,091

Anyone bought and played the game? Just asking because it's right now pretty cheap to buy. Does it make sense to buy it if I have TF2 already? They look a bit similiar.

Let's play Fallen Earth (blind, 300 episodes)

Let's play Guild Wars 2 (blind, 45 episodes)


  • FreddyNoNoseFreddyNoNose Member Posts: 1,558

    Never heard of it, but I like the name.

  • majimaji Member UncommonPosts: 2,091

    Originally posted by FreddyNoNose

    Never heard of it, but I like the name.

    It's some wild west third person shooter you can buy for 5€ on steam currently.


    Let's play Fallen Earth (blind, 300 episodes)

    Let's play Guild Wars 2 (blind, 45 episodes)

  • FreddyNoNoseFreddyNoNose Member Posts: 1,558

    I might have to check it out.

  • expressoexpresso Member UncommonPosts: 2,218

    Yes it is fun, characters have a realy nice feel to them and the action is fast, you can take a few hits before dying, sadly not many play it, about 200 people online at any one time.  We'll atleast it was in the first week it was released 2 or so months back might of picked up now though.

    Almost feels like a realy good HL2 mod and probably should of been.

    EDIT: I just logged in and there are 682 players online so looks like the populatoin has picked up, thats my weekend sorted =D

  • hidden1hidden1 Member UncommonPosts: 1,244

    Well for the next 23 hours on Steam, they have it on sale for $5.10 usd, so for that price if it sucks, its not that big of a hit on the wallet.

  • DrOrpheusDrOrpheus Member Posts: 46

    Looks like the HL2 mod Fistful of Frags - which I thought was a lot of fun.


    .. although this doesn't look as good. But hey, $5 you can't complain!

  • RzepRzep Member UncommonPosts: 767

    I bought the game a while back but only recently got back to playing becouse FINALLY they put in dedicated servers. Before dedis the lag was horrible and barely anyone was playing. Now people are back and its great fun. That being said the game is light on maps at this point. It makes up for it though with 4 distinct classes that are all fun to play and alot of modes. The graphics look great and do a great job creating that wild west feeling. Person above mention Fistful of Frags I would say that this game is a bit simpler. As far as I remember there were more weapons in the mods and they were pretty nice like flaming arrows and such. Last time I played it though not many people were playing it.

  • ScalperOneScalperOne Member Posts: 281

    Bought it a few days ago. It's fun to play on occasion.

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