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A new 2D Castlevania built for consoles. Am I the only one excited?

Rockgod99Rockgod99 Member Posts: 4,640

Finally I get to enjoy castlevania 2D goodness without the need of owning a damn handheld portable.

I've played SotN to death on my 360 arcade.

The game is called Castlevania:Harmony of Despair and it releases the end of July on Live Arcade.

here's the link

I can't freaking wait. Castlevania should have never moved away from 2d on consoles.


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  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182

    I don't know about Castlevania never moving away from 2D on consoles. Castlevania: Lord of Shadow looks pretty sweet.

    Still, I'm looking forward to this new 2D castlevania. There are a lot of great 2D games coming to Xbox 360 arcade.



    Hard Cops: Uprising, which is a new Contra game:


    Dust: An Elysian Tail:


    There are a lot more 2D games coming. Donkey Kong Country returns, Kirby: Epic Yarn, Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of two worlds, new 2D Mortal Kombat, Sonic 4.

    It seems retro gaming is making a big comeback.

  • Rockgod99Rockgod99 Member Posts: 4,640


    Yeah I'm loving the Retro love on Arcade man.

    Castlevania, Megaman, Contra, Earthworm Jim, Sonic, Streetfighter IIHD, Mortal Kombat...

    All kinds of Remakes for retro Atari games.

    Arcade is a great place for indy devs man, games like Shadow Complex and Bionic Commando Rearmed and Prince of persia.

    Truly awesome stuff!

    Ill be picking up Castlevania at the end of july and while I have been dissapointed with the 3D versions in the passed I have to admit its looking real nice with the help of the creator of metalgear lending a hand to the project.



    Playing: Rift, LotRO
    Waiting on: GW2, BP

  • MinmataroMinmataro Member Posts: 55

    Symphony of the night <------- Best console game ever created!!!!!!!!!

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