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Which Game(s) Got You Started?



  • The_GrumpThe_Grump Member Posts: 331

    Originally posted by shylock1079

    This is a funny question, because I recently had a discussion with a few old friends concerning this exact topic.  When I was a kid I watched my father play Dragon Quest (NES) Lufia (NES) and Final Fantasy I.  But you know, as a real young kid we got this game (I can't remember the title) and it was a hybrid board game with little game pieces.  These pieces could be arranged like walls on the map so you could build your own dungeon. There were these evil plastic avatar's too. Orcs, gobs and such. Each player had a character class with individual abilities like most rpgs.  The point was different in that you simply tried to reach the end of the customized dungeon or the board.


     I loved the cards!  The ones with all the detailed information about your character.  As we grew up my brother and I started to lose the pieces and was forced to adapt the game with our own rules and storylines until it was no longer the original title but something altogether different.  To this day I think back to that game as one of the key influences that inspired me to be a professional writer.  

    Heroquest! I had that game when I was younger too, along with two of the expansions. I even painted the miniatures. image

    (1)TL:DR must be your way of saying that thinking hurts. Then again, this may explain why it looks like you responded to the post without using your brain.
    (2) It's not about community, is it? You just have nothing better to do.

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