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Battle of the Immortals: Mount Details and Screenshots

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerAdministrator RarePosts: 6,540

Battle of the Immortals Senior Social Media Marketing Coordinator Sam "QforQ" Houston previews BoI's mounts in this latest update to the Perfect World Entertainment blog.

What sets mounts in Battle of the Immortals apart from mounts in a number of other games is the fact they level up alongside your character. Mounts level up from level 1-5 and gain upgrades along with their progression. For example, at level 3-4 your mount will either learn to sprint or blink (teleport short distances). Mounts also change their look as they level up, as the blog demonstrates with a level 1 Mammoth mount, which is unrecognizable in all its gilded glory when compared against the level 5 version.

The original article can be viewed here. You can view a number of screenshots of the new mounts in our Battle of the Immortals gallery, so check 'em out!

Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
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  • ben3283ben3283 Member Posts: 28

    The concept of this is probably alot different than Warcraft 3, but for some reason this game looks almost exactly like it. If the graphics look this bad, I asked, then the storyline really must be good! After watching the intro movie on the official website I started wondering how long has this company Perfect World been in business? The game seems amature, where is the quality, its 2010.

  • ninjamingeninjaminge Member Posts: 11

    Well ive played many rpg's  and atm this game seem to fit my bill.

    Its alot better then it looks on the outside. the play style and pvp is very good.

    Need tweaking in places but besides that ill be playing it for a while.

    Some good thnigs in game are the fact low lvls need the help of higher lvls to get Aims which high lvls need to certain things.

    Thus low lvls get boosted alot. plus items drop alot so you dont have to wait years to have

    But if you do check it out give it a chance it does grow on you. plus finding quests etc is easy as you have auto pilot to get you to them.

    As for how long have they been running for. well this is a massive game in china etc and its just been sorted over our way.

    So if you like pvp try it

  • OzmodanOzmodan Member EpicPosts: 9,726

    How anyone can play this backward game is beyond me.  It is basically a 2D game that they try to pass off as 3D.  How they can pass of such a clumsey attempt at 3D in this day and age, is beyond me.  You can't see more than a few paces in front of you, you can't look up to see what is in front of you.  Like playing a blind man in a lion's cage.

    It is a shame too as the graphics and gameplay are not bad.  Might have been a decent game 10 years ago, but not in today's environment.

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