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spinesplitspinesplit Member Posts: 115






some of my new an old sayha and phoenix toonz

in this game everybody matters.....a simple 1 person screw up can change the entire war. most political pvp system in any game ever because of the free world open pvp of kill anybody u want. people get way too trigger happy....or they just stand there like idiots and die.

Sorry for such big screenshots im trying to show people possibly interested in the game. >.<

its such a beautiful world as a virtual home.



  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 31,524

    I still don't like the look of the SS items. The silver and red don't seem to work for me.

    Still, it is a beautiful game, great combat, as you pointed out the pvp tends to be very political and it's one of the best games on the market if one can overlook the brutal economy.

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  • spinesplitspinesplit Member Posts: 115

    i play phoenix and sayha

    here is some shots i took today of a pole party and some players transformed into crazy witch doll things.

    pole party


    yes its amazing game.....lots of scammers and the politics can get a bit annoying...but if you love to craft it can be very rewarding. reputation is everything though in this game...not just how u fight or play but your mentality.

  • spinesplitspinesplit Member Posts: 115

  • spinesplitspinesplit Member Posts: 115

  • segamansegaman Member Posts: 65

    Guys! What the server do you play on? =)

  • WSIMikeWSIMike Member Posts: 5,564

    Originally posted by spinesplit


    Hey.... It's Polaris :-p

    "If you just step away for a sec you will clearly see all the pot holes in the road,
    and the cash shop selling asphalt..."
    - Mimzel on F2P/Cash Shops


  • segamansegaman Member Posts: 65
  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,196

    Nice pics you got there. I am also on Phoenix playing a Soul Hound and Wind Rider.

  • RednecksithRednecksith Member Posts: 1,238

    Yep, game stil looks nice despite its age.

  • spinesplitspinesplit Member Posts: 115

    Nice nice guys. I have been playing Sayha since c1.....I just lost an Ant queen ring there so I am leaving for good. Going to stay on Phoenix. I like fighting nova....they are hard :)

    Yes lineage 2 is gorgeous game. It amazes me that Mortal Online is using same brand of engine but isnt pulling it off right???

    Seriously Lineage 2 has vast, open sandbox worlds. The fun is up to the player. Only a few important quests that are needed.The rest of your characters life, is up to you :D

  • NickelGrindNickelGrind Member Posts: 20

    Where are the pixelated hotties in short skirts n thong?

  • spinesplitspinesplit Member Posts: 115

    ill go hunt some down and take shots :)

  • spinesplitspinesplit Member Posts: 115


  • spinesplitspinesplit Member Posts: 115


    Players gathering to pvp for event items that help you xp faster. vitality pops.

  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,196

    Thats alot of War you all got there.

  • spinesplitspinesplit Member Posts: 115

    Yah that was a fun event..... in dark elf village for elpys....i hated looking for the elpy spawn but the pvp was fun nova got us bad a few times but we got them bad too so.

    my toon is the dagger but its setup for pve not pvp. the dual daggers suck i used to have an amazing dagger once upon a time.

    i need epics and i need to change my tattoos they are pve too.

    but i dont get much time to play right now. too buzy with work....and loving it.

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