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battlegrounds questions

sinloisinloi Member UncommonPosts: 201

One of my favorite things I liked about wow was battlegrounds.


how are they in EQ2 and what level can I start?


and semi unrelated how are rangers and assasins. ranged stealth appeals to me.


  • KnyttaKnytta Member UncommonPosts: 414

    You can participate in Battlegrounds on all servers from level 30, battlegroulds are divided by tiers so T4 battlegrounds are for characters level 30-39 there is a system where you automatically get mentored down to 30, 40 and so on when you enter a battleground. You get tokens (3 different kinds) that you can use to purchase Battlegrounds gear, the tokens are useable by all toons on your account "EXCEPT THE PVP SERVERS". Currently the most active battlegrounds (as far as I heard) are level Tier 4 (30-39) and T5 (40-49), T8 (80-89) and T9 (90).

    T4 battlegrounds are great fun and very active but the toons from the PvP servers have an advantage in their better gear and better AP skills, if you want to do a lot of Battleground play it may be smart to read up on the PvP forums on the official site on how to build a PvP toon even if you roll on a PVE server. The mastercrafted armor have some PvP stats nowadays on all levels and it is vital to have that if you truly want to compete in BGs.

    Both  rangers and assassins are good in BGs you have to build them for PvP though when you assign your AP points, again look at the official class forums.

    Rollnig on the big  PVP server Nagafen gives you better acess to PvP equipment but it is harsh and you will get ganked A LOT, rolling on Vox that has a smaller population may be an alternative.

    Have Fun!

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