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Fallen Earth End Game

De4dd0gDe4dd0g Member Posts: 157

Does fallen earth have any end game? is it PVP or PVE? or both? What's it like, I want to make sure this game will be my ideal game once I get maxed out and there not be anything left to do.

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  • Hopscotch73Hopscotch73 Member UncommonPosts: 971

    End game at the moment is mostly PvP with a dollop of crafting for the completionists (finishing off levelling up improved / advanced crafting books).


    In the latest zone added to the game (Deadfall) there are a lot more group missions than previously seen, and due to the mobs level, they really *are* group missions and not something you can ignore for a bit and solo later. FE still has nothing resembling raiding really, so your PvE endgame revolves around crafting and achievement gathering.


    The PvP at endgame is Bloodsports (which you can join from level 5, instanced map-based PvP scenarios, you're matched with players within a ten level range, it's fun but hard on Ammo. 4 different types, Assault, Deathmatch, Survival and Capture the Flag). Non-instanced PvP revolves around conflict towns like Office Park, and clan wars (open world PvP where clans declare war on each other and combatants (you can opt in or out) are fair game anywhere in-world).


    There's fancy armour to be earned from Blood Sports participation, but earning enough Death Toll to buy it means playing a LOT of Bloodsports.


    50 (the current cap) is not the planned final cap, but due to the restructuring of Icarus, the next content addition (Sector 4) will probably not be seen until the end of the year at the soonest.


    They have promised some love for the PvE crowd in recent interviews, and last week there were live server events involving devs and GMs playing NPCs to introduce the weather system. Players had to stop a guy called Carter Wyatt and his group from destroying the world. Lots of fun there! (even if having the events happen in a PvP zone kind of annoyed some people). Apparently there will be more of this kind of thing in the future. That's particularly interesting to me as those kind of events differ hugely from your usual scripted end-game encounters.


    Hope this was of some help.



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