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Why I left SQO

RPGhelperRPGhelper Member Posts: 1

As  new player in SQO I must tell why I left. The admins of the Game  Removed the PVP vessel Killboard and wont even allow friendly banter in the Game chat even thou they advertise there game as a hardcore game for Hardocre players. .  I also did a great deal of reading about this banning of a entire faction for a core world invasion?  Yet it  seems according to the game forums the Klinshay race did this Core world invasion thing a few time and where never banned for so why did the other faction get banned.  The admins of the game did not respond to my PM or bug reports Out of the 9 messages I sent them I got ZERO replys I have no idea why they dont answer  I was even thinking  about buying one of there Ship you have to pay cash for so I would atleast of had a chance in space combat but since they did'nt answer  I spent my money elsewhere.  And last but not least the player count there really is not one last week I played there was less than 4 players on total and not just one day but most of then i only seen it over 10 once  and in a game that takes hours to fly somewhere 4 people are not  enough for me. This is why I cancelled my account I personaly feel I wasted 2 months and $20 I will never get back.


  • you said it.  Suprised this game is still afloat.

  • SoloAnakin68SoloAnakin68 Member Posts: 4

    The admins removed the kill board because the friendly banter wasn't friendly anymore


    And attacking a core world has always been against the rules, it's sort of like "spawn camping" in other games, if they allowed it, you'd just get killed over and over again everytime you res'd

    When Sol was attacked by the Klins, and later by the Tikopai, they were NPC factions and the events were admin controlled

  • uh i played when the klins were player controled and attacked sol.


    they got a rather nasty slap on the wrist..... but o well.

  • TruthXHurtsTruthXHurts Member UncommonPosts: 1,555

    I quit partialy because I was part of the mass banning... My only crime was being KIDNAPPED and taken to the Tikopai coreworld against my will. There i was stat reduced by drugs, and later suspended from the game because my faction made an attempt to rescue me and save my years of hard work I had put into my character. The faction who kidnapped me wasn't punished at all.


    The main reason I quit is because the game claims to be hardcore for hardcore players, but apparently if you get kidnapped instead of allowing your people to actually DO SOMETHING in game and rescue you the admins will offer to TELEPORT YOU OUT OF THE BRIG.  That was the final straw for me. They need to change the slogan to Hardcore Handholding for Whining Carebears.


    Furthermore CTS takes the term Pay to Win to a whole new level with their donation system. A player with enough cash can have an completely unbalanced ship put into the game, and make it so ONLY they can make the ship. 


    Basically the lack of business ethics demonstrated by Castlethorn Software is the main reason I am quitting. 


    If you have a fat wallet, and don't care who you step on to get ahead in a community of 15 players then this is the game for you. 

    If you have a soul then you should probably keep looking for another game.

    "I am not in a server with Gankers...THEY ARE IN A SERVER WITH ME!!!"

  • wow 15 players.  they are growing.

  • MorrokMorrok Member Posts: 130


    you give a number of reasons why you quit SQO, let me comment on them:

    "Killboard removed":

    Yes, they removed it. It only served to "rub salt into wounds" so to speak.

    There is simply no need to "keep track" of kills unless you want to "win" something - and we all (should) know that you cannot win a MMORPG.

    "ingame chat":

    You have to keep in mind that in-game chat is seen by ALL (i.e. there is no private channels).

    What might be friendly banter for one, might come across quite violent/angry/hostile to the other.

    However, Admins have never been very restrictive about the chat, so if they stepped in, it was way out of line, for sure.

    "banning of a faction":

    The "ban" was actually a SUSPENSION with a 1week duration.

    It was a shot across the bows, so to speak, aimed at all involved but ofc it "hit" only those that actually violated said rule.

    Bottom line is:

    Rules are there to be followed, period.

    "Klins did the same and did not get banned":

    The Klin faction (players, yes) did indeed camp Sol last year for a long while.

    However, they were a bit smarter and did NOT actually enter the system but stayed 1-5LYs out.

    So, while the effect was VERY disruptive they technically broke no rule (not that there were too many anyways).

    "PMs do not get answered":

    Get used to it.

    They don't answer a whole lot of PMs, though they read most of them.

    One of the reasons i can think of is that they are faced with too many players whining to them or complaining about a mod decision or similar.

    Admins DO usually respond to PMs about bugs and technical issues though.

    (i say usually, because they seem to also "filter" PMs of "troublemakers" regardless of content simply by who sent them)

    "player count":

    Is low, yes.

    But one has also to keep in mind that the layers are all spread out over basically all imaginable timezones.

    Every playable faction has between 5 (Therats,Klins, Tiko - the ones one can NOt choose to play at character generation) and 40-50 (Alliance, independent factions) players.

    Activity is dependent on a whole lot of things, not the least of which is who is in your faction and who is your opposition.

    Especially the faction that was SUSPENDED, HAD - note the past tense - a sizeable playercount, but many of those were driven out by the CURRENT (those that actually were suspended) players.

    So, do not blame the game for low player count, blame yourself and/or your fellow players.


  • MorrokMorrok Member Posts: 130

    @Legion - aka "hurt by truth":

    first of all:

    Get your tenses right:

    "i quit", "i am quitting"... which is it?

    I sure hope you have already quit (past perfect), because actually the game will be much better off without a whiner like you.


    You have kidnapped your fair share of players yourself.

    So you say above that "i was banned but they were not", exactly why?

    Kidnapping chars is NOT against any rule (only PERHAPS when exploits are used to do so) and you know it.

    Fact is:

    Your faction broke a rule, they did not - simple as that.

    And instead of accepting the warning shot, you go and whine all over the boards about how "unjust" you've been treated.

    "Hardcore game for hardcore players":

    No, neither "the game" nor the Admns have ever advertised as being "hardcore for hardcore players".

    That is YOUR line and a false (or "overdrawn") image you give by using it.

    And ofc it is completely wrong to use it as a "fact".

    "Admins offer to teleport you out":

    They - most likely after some whining on your part - offered you a choice:

    Either you resolve the issue (and stop sending them PMs about it) by killing yourself OR they'd teleport you out.

    That is something completely different than the picture you paint, that Admins would free everyone who happens to get himself kidnapped.

    They only do so to resolve a dispute that's going to disrupt the game itself,

    like this "kidnapping" which was only used as a justification to spiral up an already existing conflict between individual players.

    "unbalanced ship":

    The only ship that MIGHT be unbalanced happens to belong to the very faction that was suspended.

    The ship you elaborate on, where two players have the exclusive right to produce it (for now), is all BUT imbalanced.

    Besides, since many a player shares the reservations about "exclusive" items, they don't sell a whole lot of them.

    "community of 15players":

    The actual community is low, yes - but still somewhat larger than the 15players, lol.

    And Endoric (dog6880) knows that too.

    I am not saying that all is fine with the game, far from it.

    But YOu didn't quit for any other reason that hurt pride/ego.

    That is afbm, but just go and don't waste your time by trying to put blame on others.

    You won't smear the game, only soil yourself.


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