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Mourning in bad shape!



  • ArtarylArtaryl Member Posts: 66
    Now you really need to calm yourself down you know... The thread is about mourning bad shape and bilas saying that is thread was move elsewere on the mourning board. I ANSWER to that. Not you talking aobut julieblue. Thats another thread. And no english isn,t my primary language. I wouldn't have taken that as an insult either since i know my english isn't that good.
  • ArtarylArtaryl Member Posts: 66

    Originally posted by Bilas

    Oh my please,  Yes they have a sticky that says you can't say this and that... ect.. It also says on the forum that "general" pertains to anything that is mournig related.  I have been insulted personnaly by Admin he called me basically a jerk and Jblue called me an idiot.  I wasn't even blasting the game but I do have concerns,  which were stated about the (Pathfinding problems, NPC dialog problems, No vid showing combat or a UI sorry but if I  am not allowed to say things I am concerned about and then am called all sorts of names I call that childish.  But I think they have more problems than me, I mean the game for one thing.  but hey keep calling your potential cstomers names and I am sure you will all do well.

    Thats why i said this was childish to report a moved thread on another board. Admini as always being mean to everyone. The Sticky talk about that too. JulieBlue telling you are an idiot, well report her. There are rules on the mourning board that are made from that and basically thats what ego said to you. The dev there have more then their lot of people flamming and all over the board as well as all those concern so they can be mean sometimes and you would be if you would have gotten half what they endure in the past month. Now being comprehensive never hurt someone. But seems that you can't be that comprehensive about asking yourself why they answer you like this. Now then doing a search in the forum might have point you the way...

  • GrunchGrunch Member Posts: 493
    The main reason people start posting over here is because they get banned and threads get deleted over there like its cool. If you watch their boards enough you will see. However they are not as bad with it as they used to be.

    "I'm sorry but your mmo has been diagnosed with EA and only has X number of days to live."

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