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Resubbed and loving it

My wife and I recently resubbed and I have to say I am impressed with the changes that they have made. It doesnt have wows polish to it. Difficulty is much harder then wow. A change of pace to be certain. I am playing a caster and I am a wet towel. However, I am enjoying the challenge.


  • malrodmalrod Member Posts: 87

    ive been researching this game a bit, along with Rift and TERA. getting that itch to play MMO again. played daoc for 4 plus years, ang took a break for 2 plus years. since you resubbed i take it that you are a veteran player if you could elaborate on what the positive(or negatives for that matter)  changes are it might help me make an informed decision to sub myself.

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  • AlyvianAlyvian Member Posts: 342

    positives: A lot of fixes and extra cotnent (since launch anyay), making it the game it should've launched at 

    Negatives: PvP server is closing (if ya can see that as a bad thing, i just wish they would add pvp flagging though)

  • DruthlenDruthlen Member Posts: 18

    Well a few things


    Story cohesion: seems to have improved. I remeber not really feeling a reason for hunting and killing mobs. The quest story line was broken and it didnt pull me in. Now, at least on the isle of dawn, there is a story that you watch unfold as you complete the quests. Not the best in the world but its enough to make me want to continue to see how it all plays out. I feel the chars are interconnected and that it is an actual world not a sea of independent mobs offering pointless quests for xp and lootz.


    Tempo: You dont level everytime you drop a mob but it doesnt take so long that you feel like your grinding.


    Story progession: In eq 2 at lvl 25 we are still on the noob island trying to progress the story at 8 hrs just clicking through dialogue wishing it was over. Here in Vanguard we feel there is a progression that feels more natural.


    Change of pace: This game is more hardcore then others and therefore more challengeing. In the sea of MMOs that exist today they are all trying to get at the sweet spot on the bell curve. Most americans want an easy button so they provide it. This game is different. It is harder then most games.


    I only wish for factional PVP so it would really mean something for me to be a dark elf vs High elf, not just stat wise.


    These are humble opinions and your experience of the game may be different then mine.

  • ProbertProbert Member Posts: 18

    I re-subbed and loving it also, the game is so in depth. So much to learn makes me feel like a noob again, enough with these easy mode MMO's anymore. I wish more MMO's where harder and more changelling.

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