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treyu86treyu86 Member UncommonPosts: 259

Hello guys,


I have been reading this forum and all the information at sticky posts etc (very nice info there), but I still have some doubts regarding pvp. I know EQ2 is not a game designed as a PvP game, but I read they introduced some pvp servers and arena pvp. I would like to know, which types of PvP  (just arena? is there open pvp or mini games like capture the flag etc?) can you find in the game, and what meaning has the PvP in the game? By meaning I mean what incentives you have to do pvp, just for fun or you get any kind of exp or points or something while killing enemy players?


thanks for all


  • stringboistringboi Member UncommonPosts: 394

    Heres some info on the Arena type PVP

    There are PVP vendors where you can spend tokens to buy pvp armor sets and all that.....

    the PVP servers are more about open world PVP...I've only played on one for a few weeks, couldnt enjoy it....being a new player and not knowing anyone made it very hard to accomplish anything.  I found you always had to be in a group....other people are running around with their friends in their own groups looking for people to drop.  When you actually want to just quest, it makes it very hard to do so....I didnt like being in a group all day long just to go questing to level.

  • PhilssPhilss Member Posts: 433

    Meh you dont have to group for quest . unless you are talking about 10-20 range where Darklightwood-timorous deep ( and probably halas but ive never been there  yet so i dont know ) are crowded with twinks .


    Because in this level range many ppl make twinks with good gear/spell/aa but past lvl 20 it get alot beter you wont get ganked much .

    BTw its not arena but battleground , you have either 6vs 6 12vs or 24 vs 24 BG wich give you mark to buy gear . There are  arena but ppl dont really use them unless they want to duel within the same faction .


    I have always played on the pvp server nagafen and if you have the patiente to get your aa up and do some tradeskill to get you mastercrafted gear/adept spel you can have a blast .


    But overall ya if you the kind of guy who get angry because you get ganked you might just wanna roll on a PvE server and run battleground if you want to pvp since you can also run battleground on pve server.

  • ArckenArcken Member Posts: 2,431

    EQ2 doesnt do pvp very well, like its predecessor, pvp was duct taped to the ass end of a pve game as an afterthought.

  • MoiraeMoirae Member RarePosts: 3,318

    They recently added battlegrounds. And with it has come all the problems of PvP with people complaining non-stop about "balance" and how there are griefers, hackers, power players and more. Personally, I say don't bother, but then I always say that when it comes to PvP because PVP brings out the worst behavior I've ever seen in games. If there's no PvP, the behavior is better and, if it does happen, its not nearly as often.

  • LaviticusLaviticus Member Posts: 33

    So let me see if I understand this correctly. The servers that aren't PVP have battlegrounds or they all do?


  • GhenggisGhenggis Member Posts: 2

    PvP on eq2 is a on Crushbone named Ashlind look me up if you want to PvP

  • LaviticusLaviticus Member Posts: 33

    Just downloaded station launcher got into the game where it says Everquest 2 Halas Reborn then a little window pops up that says, ''Trying login server #1 (goes through all 10) then after it goes through them about twice it tells me ''Conection failed, the servers maybe shut down. Try back in a few moments. Any ideas?


  • MoiraeMoirae Member RarePosts: 3,318

    Any ideas? That you should do exactly what the warning says. The servers go down for updates occasionally. Chill.

  • JimmacJimmac Member UncommonPosts: 1,667

    The servers are down right now. They should be back up very soon. 


    I don't play on the pvp server so I can only describe pvp on the normal servers. 


    There are two types of pvp: arena and battlegrounds. Arena is just basic go into the little area and kill the other person. It's very similar to dueling and is done in a designated arena areas. There is no in game consequence of the arena at all, other than being able to get a few achievements for dueling x number of times. 


    Battlegrounds I think is the pvp you were really asking about. There are 3 battleground maps. A map for 6v6, a map for 12v12, and a map for 24v24. These battleground zones are not connected to the real game world in any way, and are basically stand alone maps. If you want to do the battleground, you have to enter a queue and when enough people across all servers have entered the queue to pvp then all of you will be thrown into the particular bg you all selected. Half go on one team, half on the other. One of the maps is capture the flag. The other is something else. There is very little variety or option. You pick which of the 3 maps you want to play and that's all there is to it. 


    The in game consequence of doing the battlegrounds is that for each battleground session you participate in, you get tokens. You get something like 3 tokens if your team wins, and 1 token if your team loses. You can use the tokens to buy overpowered armor in game. This armor is pretty much the only reason to do battlegrounds, as the pvp in this game is a huge joke. 


    Just to be clear, eq2 is meant to be a pve game. The pvp is, in ever sense of the phrase, just for the lulz. 


  • YamotaYamota Member UncommonPosts: 6,593

    If you want battleground type PvP then I suggest Warhammer Online, as they do it best. It has open world PvP as well but it is not as good.

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