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How is the in game housing?

I started to play Vanguard when it was released but quit because of problems I had playing.  I have heard that the bugs have been worked out and things are going well for the game now and was thinking of starting it up again but have told myself that the next game I start will have in game housing.  If I remember correctly Vanguard was going to have housing and was wondering if it does and some explanation of it before I jump back in.  I played City of Heroes for over 2 years and that other game that will go unnamed for more then 2 as well.  Also how is the crafting in game, well thanks for all the feedback in advance.

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  • ThillianThillian Member UncommonPosts: 3,156

    Well, Vanguard has one of the best - if not THE best housing and crafting system

    Housing is non-instanced, there's about 20% of all the landmass in game available to buy - which you can use to build and place your own house. Most of the housing areas are grouped into small town-sized areas, so you see player made towns on various islands and at other corners of the world. Those areas are usually a bit away of the main adventure areas - but of course there are exceptions. There's extreme amount of various furniture you can craft, and there's lots of different houses types you can build.

    Crafting is consisted of its own minigame where you have certain Action Points, that you spend on various crafting actions - and you have to make the item before you run out of them. Crafting has its own attribute system, its own inventory, items with various bonuses, there are different crafting builds (for instance, aggressive crafters, crafting at high risk chance of failing, have also a higher chance of crafting a better quality item)


  • valunvalun Member UncommonPosts: 203

    Hi. Player housing was implemented right after start. Huge VG world have a lot of places reserved for players villages. Crafting just awesome, my brother played crafter back there. He was like lvl45 crafter/ lvl 11 adventurer, and told me VG has best crafting system he ever saw. 

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  • Dwarfman420Dwarfman420 Member Posts: 207


    One of the best if not thee best crafting system I have ever played. It is it's own aspect of the game really. There are even crafting quests which reward you with really nice crafting gear to help in your leveling.I have enjoyed hours on my crafters.



    Better then a lot of games. Specially since many games don't really have housing. It's a mixed bag really. I came from Ultima Online where the custom design housing is thee best ever imo.

    The downside to Vanguard housing imo is the lack of player community within the "Housing Communities", the lack of scenery where these housing areas are located (no real flora or fawna/mosters/npc's selling things or looking busy). Other then that though they look very nice and Guildhalls are a sight to see (very cool).

  • rturjarturja Member Posts: 199

    In one respect VG housing is the best I've seen in any MMO so far - the housing items are all freely placeable inside the house, no hooks or grid like in the other games I've played. Other great thinkg from my point of view is that houses are almost entirely craftable, except some items that need to be bought from vendors in order to complete the building process. Of course, houses are lookalikes from the outside and the base structures from inside, no UO-like freedom of design in that respect.

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