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Aion, For RPers? Y/N?



  • DevilXaphanDevilXaphan Member UncommonPosts: 1,144

    Originally posted by Suilebhain

    That said, Aion is bad for RP and the community is fairly insular so unless you play a flirtatious female forget about getting invited.

    That Statment is not true, there are many RP/PvE/PvP type guilds on lumiel with lots of RP going around, you just have to ask around and both sides have RP type legions doing things.

    Hell LFG late at night is RP hilarious, point is go to Aion to see what is happening if your willing to give it a try.

    Soon in 2.0 patch there will be lots of things to make RP fun as well as later patches that will make it entertaining, so far there are costumes to dress up in but later pets, mounts, housing and other expanded content to make RP fun in Aion too.

  • pureckjpureckj Member Posts: 28

    No. NO RP

    Bring back Vanilla WoW pvp

  • jonrd463jonrd463 Member UncommonPosts: 607

    Originally posted by pureckj

    No. NO RP

    Out of curiosity, are you saying there's no RP in Aion, or did you actually expend the energy to enter a forum about Roleplaying to express your dislike of it?

    "You'll never win an argument with an idiot because he is too stupid to recognize his own defeat." ~Anonymous

  • sfly2000sfly2000 Member Posts: 168

    Originally posted by Minoco

    I'm a Hardcore RPer.

    Only reason I play MMORPG's is for the RP in it.

    And the Communities of course.

    I have no interest in PvP or PvE.

    so my question is simple

    Aion, fit for RPers or not?

    Should I buy it or leave it?

    *considers even WoW to be unfit for RPers*


     It is funny how different people see what roleplaying is. For me PvP and PvE is all part of roleplaying. For some people roleplaying is just sitting around, talking...well anyway...i'll leave that now.

    As some have already said here...if a game isn't designed for RPers in the first place it is unlikely it will draw this kind of crowd.

    I suggest you try out some old-school PnP style roleplaying at on of the online multiplayer worlds in Neverwinter Nights 1 instead...

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