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The Difference between 4Story and Gates of Andaron

caleb224caleb224 Member Posts: 4

Many people think that 4Story is the same as Gates of Andaron, but it isn't. Gates of Andaron is the US version, 4Story is global. 4Story has many more events and updates than GoA also it seems that more people are joining 4Story lately.4Story does not allow hacking but from what I hear GoA is full of it.If you decide to play one of these games I recommend 4Story.Have any questions feel free to ask. You can post here or whisper me in the game. My username is Called level 37 wizard in the country of DeFugal. Have fun playing! Good job Zemi!! You made an excellent game!!                         





  • kitcaliekitcalie Member UncommonPosts: 10

    4story and Gates are the same game just different translations and GoA is behind on updates. GoA just got the 80 cap were Global gets 90 cap in a few days.  Both games have hackers just that GoA has more people in it so the hacks are shown more often. GoA is produced by GameForge who produces a lot of versions of 4story under Gates of Andaron or 4story for European countries and the United States.



    More active users

    Slower Updates

    cheaper CS 

    less CS items

    no direct support from zemi

    Team is purely volunteer


    4story global:

    faster updates

    faster bug fixes

    less active players

    Direct support from zemi

    Team is mix of volunteer and actual payed zemi emplyees

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