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Summond While Stun Stacked

SaxonsRegenSaxonsRegen Member Posts: 4

Im sure others are pretty annoyed about this, if you dont know what im talking about im tossing in the argument about how toons can be summoned out from piled on stuns, perosnally i think this is abit of a let down, If you think about it its very similiar to somekind of port hack, It would be good to see some kind of limitations on how and when someone can be summoned. ~Saxon


  • Bigsword2Bigsword2 Member Posts: 8

    Not sure I understand what you are getting at.

    Way I read it is people are summoning other players after stunning opponents. I must be reading it wrong as that is impossible. Can you explain what you are talking about a little clearer?

  • Genma187Genma187 Member Posts: 5




    ye its possible to summon stunned ppl out. if u are stunned, u can also use teleporting scrolls to the maintowns. its lke in the most of the other games, if u have cs, u are king.

  • kitcaliekitcalie Member UncommonPosts: 10

    I agree with saxon to many people are able to be summoned or somehow disapear while stun locked. 

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