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Extraordinary Events

motnahpddmotnahpdd Member Posts: 12

I don't know about the rest of you, but I think this game has AWESOME Events. Not only are the individual events very rewarding, but they often run multiple events at the same time. The events keep the game progressive and make people actually put a little effort into the game. The best thing is that it keeps it an even battlefield between the CS and the non-CS players.

What do you guys think about 4STORY's events individually, as well as against events in other games?


  • SaxonsRegenSaxonsRegen Member Posts: 4

    I agree with you :) It would be good though if they could lower the price on all CS items :P Gets abit expensive converting U.s dollers into Aus but other then that the game has definetly deserves a medal

  • msgrollin68msgrollin68 Member Posts: 5

    This game has good and very consistent events. The GMs seem very dedicated.

  • Bigsword2Bigsword2 Member Posts: 8

    The GM events, the trivia ones in particular need a little work yet as they are kind of disorganized and caotic as far as which chat people are answering in and who actualy answered first to get the reward.

    The planned events are fine, they just need to organize the random GM ones a little better.

  • Genma187Genma187 Member Posts: 5


    ye man very much and good events. thats why i switched from german server =)

  • kitcaliekitcalie Member UncommonPosts: 10

    Some of the events are very good but to many are targeted to a small group of people. Like the dueling events and the dungeon events. I can understand needing things for the lower lvls to do but the higher lvl ones get unthought out events like the 7v7 in an area were others came and joined in the two sides to fight and were the GM can go around 1-2 hiting everyone...

  • kbmopar64kbmopar64 Member CommonPosts: 4

    Events  ,  i like  them , it  gives  us  higher lvl  ppl  something to  do  while  we  wait  for the  cap  to raise

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