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Launches in EU succesfully!

EridanixEridanix Member Posts: 426

 A week ago I received a mail from Gameforge, the EU publisher for the game, and joined quickly just mere curious about this title. I entered the game after a non problematic install and wow! It was ALIVE! plenty of people and a helpful community sorrounded me in my first day there. 

The game runs smoothly at highest settings in my machine and I've been able to play 4Story without problems. 

The wide variety of quests and PvP just got me stuck. Really is a F2P? Its features rocks. I hope more people keep an eye on this game as it really merits.

It is a question of fangs.


  • AKundeAKunde Member Posts: 6

    yeah i live in germany and there exist some german servers but the global is much better because they get more updates and the GM´s are friendlier^^

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