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My view of 4Story.

ravenlore1ravenlore1 Member Posts: 3

Many time I've read people comment they are giving an idea to people that this game is a total rip-off of WoW.

But the truth is, only the interfaces, and a little on the grafic are close to WoW, the character in the game are rip-off from Final Fantasy XI, but the gameplay is totally original.

The leveling in this game start of by questing and there is 2 type of quest in this game, one is story quest, which have its own story to it and the other one is repeatable quest where you do 3-5 set of quest to kill certain amount of monster to gain experience and you can do it again unless you reach the lvl cap for that particular repeatable quest level. Repeatable quest start at lvl 8 and then 11, 14, 17, 19, 22, 25, 26, 28, 31, 36, 40, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 61, 64 etc etc until the latest level cap which is lvl 80.

Now there is also another way to leveling, which is to grind of monsters without doing any quest. There are special instant for each 10 lvl where the monster in it give more exp than in normal field. This is a good alternative to grind for ppl that doesnt like to do repeatables quest. But this instant, it is shared by both nation, so the chances that you can meet other nation player is high, and you can have pvp-fun with them.

Now onto the war, there is territory war EVERY DAY!, except on wednesday theres a Sacred War. In this war, both nation fight for a territory. there is 12 total territory atm, gaining this territory will give you alot of rewards. This is the fun part of the game, you can harness your pvp skill in Territory War because its a massive war, a party can hold up to 7 people and a corps can hold up to 7 partys, so u can have 49 ppl in a corps for war. All class will play their role, priest as healer, warrior as tank and stunner, archer as dps, and much more.

I really had much fun with this game, hopefully you guys will give it a try, don't just say no because other ppl says that its a WoW-clone, WoW-rip-off ect etc... this game has it own uniqueness


  • toby123toby123 Member Posts: 6


  • mr.vmr.v Member Posts: 5

    well, kinda of...

    as the new cap lvl is now 90, they may have made some new missions and rep (repetitive) missions too, or else people would losse all the fun of course...

    Still i think 4Story is a really cool game.

    Problem stays in the part when you want to fight a monster and you dont have a partner or something like it and no Cash points, it may turn kind of difficult.

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