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I tried the trial and bought the game . .. still says that I need to buy the game when I try and joi

Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member RarePosts: 2,174

Hey Guys,


I am new to Steam and tried the trial for this game and bought it to do the 4vs4 matches. After my purchase I searched everywhere I could in steam on how to activate the game and end the trial but I wasted a lot of time so I thought that I would ask . ..


Now I go to my games and the trial is no longer listed. I go to PLAY global agenda but when I am in game and try and enter 4vs4 it still says that I need to purchase Global Agenda. I found the authentication key and have the purchase order number but what the hell? I could not find where to put any of these numbers anywhere except for that option under my games which fails whenever I enter it. Anyone else have this problem?


Thanks for your help!


I really like the different classes in this game . .. reminds me of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Darkfall is still my primary game but I think that I will add Global Agenda to the list of games to play while harvesting in Darkfall or if I have less than an hour to play something.


Another question, is it P2P? I saw nothing about a reoccurring sub.

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  • NightCloakNightCloak Member UncommonPosts: 452

    There is a reoccuring sub for the game, But thats only for limited features.

    The basic game (general PvE and random pvp has no sub) is free once you buy the game.

  • MykellMykell Member UncommonPosts: 780

    This might help.

    If not try posting here. The devs are very helpful trying to fix problems.

  • DreathorDreathor Member Posts: 537

    Activation is a little bit of a mess due to Steam.

    I think you need to right-click on Global Agenda in your steam game list and go to "Manage Account Key" or something like that and then enter it - but I really don't remember myself.

    I hope that helps, but if not the website FAQ is the best place to look.

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  • sanskritsanskrit Member UncommonPosts: 95

    I'm going through this process as well and feel your pain. Have been installing and configuring games for 30 years now so it isn't me. These new multi game online distribution platforms are a PITA. Game companies need to learn that unlike a software guide, the "FAQ" format is NOT the best format for walking new users through installation. I could care less as to "what is a ___ key? what is a ___ key?" Take the time to make a step by step installation guide, beginning with "IF" not "what is?"

    IF you bought the game from amazon then

    1. Do this

    2. Next do this.

    3. Then do this.

    IF you...

    you get the idea.

    GA could do with some significant reworking of its home page also, much too busy and cluttered, not well organized, not intuitive.

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