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MU graphic issue or something?

quietkilleRquietkilleR Member Posts: 94

im guessing this is a graphic issue i installed the game today and everything ran smoothly i load it up click connect and when it gets to the main screen i can't read anything on it its all blury and smudged looking, i have a Readon 9700 Pro so i no the problem is or shouldn't be me...but if anyone knows please help would love to try this game..::::18::

All my endings are waiting to begin.


  • TheWarcTheWarc Member Posts: 1,199
    I think there is something wrong with your resolution, try another resolution.
  • quietkilleRquietkilleR Member Posts: 94

    i did tried all of's the weird thing my brothers game runs fine but yet mine doesn't ::::05::

    All my endings are waiting to begin.

  • No, DON'T change your COMPUTER'S resolution. When you click on the MU Player, click the option button and there are screen resolutions Specificly for the game. This should fix the problem unless your computer's screen is less than 15". Anything else, send a message to my inbox.


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