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Looking for a new server.

slimmifireslimmifire Member Posts: 18

What the best server ?


  • AbdiellAbdiell Member UncommonPosts: 102



    Everyone hates his own server. 


    Either the prices in the AH are too high, or you can't make any money because everything in the AH is so cheap.


    Either progression is shit and you can't find a decent guild, or too many guilds are progressed and you can't catch on with one because you are too far behind.


    Either the server pop is too low and you can't find a group for anything(somewhat remedied lately), or its too large and you get lost in the shuffle.


    No matter your faction, PvP will suck for your side on that particular battlegroup(regardless of battlegroup and faction).


    Either trade chat is full of moronic children, or....nope thats pretty much it.


    Just pick one at random and you will have plenty to complain about either way.

  • striker09dxstriker09dx Member Posts: 197

    ^ this guy summerize it well.

  • rosebustrosebust Member Posts: 10

    hmm.  I transferred servers about this time last year.  That was the single best thing I've done while playing wow.  I originally rolled my main on the same realm that my RL friends were playing on at the time.   I was new to online games and pretty much though the same thing:  Each server is basically the same.  WRONG!   I rolled horde on a server which had a very small horde population.   This server was also a central time server and I'm on the east coast.  I found that it very difficult to find groups to run heroic dungeons back in BC, hard to find a group to open up the 2nd set of dailies in Blades Edge Mountains, and find any guilds that would raid on a schedule which I could maintain and still be at work the next day.  Some of these issues have be "fixed" by blizzard with the inter-server dungeons finder and who cares about old BC content now.   But as for raiding, the server you play on still matters.  The server I've transferred too is a east coast server and most raids do fit my schedule.   And since it has a very large horde population finding a guild, a group or a time when the horde controls winter grass is no long any problem.  All I have to do it log on and ask.   The only place i know where you can find server populations and server time zone is www.warcraftrealms.com.  I hope this helps
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