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DC Universe, Due In November for PC AND PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MysteryBMysteryB Member UncommonPosts: 355

Hey guys, just wanted to post that incase you havent heard, DC Universe got an official release date today! The game is due in November of this year SOE announced today, a link is posted below, I am really excited about this announcement, I am not gonna get my hopes up because I know how MMOs go once beta starts and so on, the good news is they said they will do both ps3 and pc beta's which no MMO has done yet, and ps3+pc players will play together, more players to team with in my opinion! Either way, very exciting!;title;2

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  • Death1942Death1942 Member UncommonPosts: 2,587

    MMO wish list:

    -Changeable worlds
    -Solid non level based game
    -Sharks with lasers attached to their heads

  • peenkpeenk Member Posts: 270

    Aaaaaaand thats my cue to completely forget about this game.

    I did not like a single pc mmo thats also came out for a console.  I think this pretty much eliminates any probability of mods and I think players should be able to customize their gameplay/interface.  Well thats just my $0.02 ... I like to keep FPS and MMOs separate from consoles because they usually end up dumbed down too much for me to enjoy it.  I have PS3 ... <3 PS3 ... but PC was and still is the best platform when it comes to shooters and mmos.

    Meh ... not much of a loss from what I've seen in vids.

    WTB Shadowbane 2

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