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GeForce GTX 465 SLI Review

ThomasN7ThomasN7 CommonPosts: 6,690

Looks interesting. What do you guys think ?





  • CatamountCatamount Member Posts: 773

    Like of all Nvidia's latest cards, this one fails miserably. It consumes more power than the faster GTX470, and when compared to Ati, consumes just a hair less than the Radeon HD 5970!

    As for performance (and price), this card is mostly just blown away by the slightly more expensive Radeon HD 5850 (which is only $10 more on Newegg), and usually only barely manages to edge out the significantly cheaper 5830 (which is $50-$70 cheaper). Of course, let's not forget that added $50-$70 just to get a power supply that an actually run one of these over one of the single GPU Radeon HD 5000 series cards. For system builders and retailers alike, that would come to a net $40-$60 more for a Geforce GTX465 over a Radeon HD 5850 that handily beats it.

    The only saving grace to this card is that is slightly beats out the Radeon HD 5850 (and sometimes even the 5870) in DX11 titles with tesselation enabled. The problem there is that NO card other than than GTX480 is capable of playing most of those titles with tesselation turned on anyways, and by the time we start getting a serious selection of such games, and the coding improves to reduce the performance hit from tesselation, Ati will long have since produced a refresh that obsoletes all of these cards anways. Remember, the Geforce G400 series might be a little faster than the Radeon HD 5000 series, if not per watt or dollar, but it's also six months older!


    In short, Nvidia hasn't had a product that really beats out its Ati counterpart meaningfully since the release of Ati's Radeon HD 4000 series (aside from maybe the GTX260 SP216), and it looks like their new cards aren't going to change anything anytime soon.

  • smile9999smile9999 Member Posts: 57

    check this review if you still think the gtx 465 is good, its epic fail tbh,2642.html

    They cripple the bird's wing, and then condemn it for not flying as fast as they.Malcolm X

  • CatamountCatamount Member Posts: 773

    It seems I might have overestimated Nvidia's edge in tesselation, given both this new information by Tom's Hardware and my own testing of the AvP Benchmark.


    My own system is a Phenom II X4 965, 4GB DDR3-1600, and 2x Radeon HD 5770 CrossfireX.


    In Alien Vs Predator, which is a DX11, tesselation enabled game, the 1920x1080 scores for 0xAA/4xAA from Tom's Hardware, rounded to the nearest whole frame per second were:


    GTX480: 33

    Catamount 2x5770: 30

    5870: 29

    5850: 24

    GTX470: 26

    GTX465: 20

    5830: 19



    Catamount 2x5770: 53

    5870: 48

    GTX480: 46

    5850: 40

    GTX470: 37

    5830: 33

    GTX465: 29


    Given that my own $310 GPU setup, when running the Tom's Hardware test with matched settings and a SLOWER CPU, managed to best the $500 GTX480 without AA, and just barely miss it with 4x AA, while the $390 5870 does the same thing, is really pretty sad for Nvidia. Also, like Smiley says, the GTX465 just performs miserably. With AA enabled, the 5830 bests it, and it's $50-$70 cheaper!

    I also have to again mention power draw here. A single GTX465 consumes almost as much as a 5970, so two of them in SLI consume almost as much as 5870s in QUAD CrossfireX. The GTX470 and GTX480 do equally bad.

    If this is the best Nvidia can manage, even in DX11 titles with tesselation, then God help them, because their own designers clearly can't.

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