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Curious about being hacked

wazzap2121wazzap2121 Member Posts: 154

Hey guys, sorry about another "being hacked in WoW" thread but I was curious on how long it took some of you to get your stuff back if you we're in fact hacked.  I was hacked two days ago when I couldn't login so I reset my password.  When I was able to login my main character was deleted and a bunch of other characters we're created with random names on random servers.


I created a ticket and sent an email the same day and got a response about an investigation and whatnot, I called and got a rep but he was unable to do anything but help with password/email reseting and submitting said ticket.  What we're your experiences with it?


  • Bama1267Bama1267 Member UncommonPosts: 1,822

    Ive seen guys get there account back in a week, and sometimes antoher week to get their "stuff" back also.

  • uquipuuquipu Member Posts: 1,516

    3 days.
    I called their customer support number.
    When I got my characters back, my rogue had 30 stacks of saronite ore and a bunch of gems.

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  • wilbergwilberg Member Posts: 182

    Ive heard stories about people getting their accounts back and having an entire gbank of farmed mats, or the chinaman paid for 6 months of gametime in advanced. it really is a coin toss on if you get a farmer who uses your account to launder gold, farm, or just spam chat.

  • wazzap2121wazzap2121 Member Posts: 154

    I did try calling customer support but again they said all they could do is help me submit a ticket or reset my password/account name.

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