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Shaiya not really the Problem

liz93304liz93304 Member Posts: 5

I have played Shaiya for nearly two years.  I quit for quite awhile.  I mostly miss the other players that I got used to partying in game with. 

It is Aeria games fault that this game is so poorly hosted.  I am currently looking for a new MMORPG that can give me a better experience than I had in the early days of Shaiya.  In my opinion the game was truly ruined by episode four and in further works to destroy it more with commercialism when episode 5 comes out.  What a shame.  I wonder if Sono-V knows or cares what these idiots did to this game.  

I would not recommend this game to anyone.  Nor any game hosted by Aeria games.  Find a pay to play game you will spend so very much less doing this than getting caught into spending several thousand a year to try and have gear that can compete many spend far more than me.  In two years over 3 grand.  Oh what I could have done with that money in retrospect.  But alas this is important don't pay real money for consumable items.  IN game they cost Billions in Gold and the economy has been overrun by gold sellers so people can get the Gold to pay for the outrageous prices. It is just sad and such a shame.  Looking for my 14.99 a month game where I can get all and everything I need in game and it isn't so hard nor monopolized so tightly that I have no chance to be the best without paying to be the best. 

Sad, Sad day in gaming indeed. 


  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    it is a free to play game!if you chose to buy item in there you have only yourself to blame just because a player jump off a cliff you dont have to copy him!

  • liz93304liz93304 Member Posts: 5

    With smart people like you ruling the world.... we are all safe.

  • kiwicakekiwicake Member CommonPosts: 5

    thats why we offer a server where that wont happen and you can still enjoy the game, if you really want play shaiya again but dont trust me, can ask any of the current player base we have for their opinions since they are all former shaiya players as i am too



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  • AkechtaAkechta Member Posts: 219

    To be honest I don't understand why people buy items from the Item Mall when they don't need them. Who cares how rare the item is, who cares how much it's worth, if I don't need it, I don't get it. If buying an item is the only way to finish a quest, I'll most probably buy it. If it can be obtained in a way other than through the item mall, I'm not going to buy it.

    I only spend serious amounts of money on games I really really really enjoy. I've been gaming for years and haven't found a game that good yet - I've spent maybe $500-$1000 NZD on games altogether. Not much, compared to the hard-core gamers out there.

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