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UsualSuspectUsualSuspect Member UncommonPosts: 1,243

I've been around most of the new MMO's and can't find what I'm looking for. So I went and played a bit of that free time that EverQuest had recently and was quite interested in trying it out again. The only thing is, I'd be on my own, I wouldn't know anyone there, and I'd be starting at Level 1. I tried that new server where you begin at level 50ish but I felt like I missed out a lot of character background, if you know what I mean.

I played EverQuest way back before Kunark right up to the Elemental Planes, so I have experience with it, which means I know it used to take a looong time to level up. Now max level is 80+ and you need half a billion AA's, what sort of time frame am I looking at here?

Lets take Level 65 as my first goal. How long would I be working at that alone, or hopefully with one or two others along the way? Remember, I wouldn't have people power levelling, I'd have nothing but the drops that I came across, and wouldn't be able to call in aid unless there was someone really helpful with nothing to do.

That is my main worry about returning to EQ, the amount of time I'd need to invest before I got to group up and do all the fun stuff I did before I quit all those years ago.


  • SamatmanSamatman Member UncommonPosts: 123

    I just leveled a shaman solo from 1-30, using only classic gear (gear from Velious or previous).  I used no mercs and no external buffs.  My average time per level was 90 minutes and I was actually doing quests and not using PoK books. 

    On my level 65 main character equipped with very cheap bazaar gear with random gear drops, I have been full AA exp (using Lesson of the Devoted once per day).  In 30 min of solo killing, I get between 8 and 5 AAs / 30 min play session (8 initially, 5 now that I have over 500, it scales slower the more you have).

    EQ now suffers from advancement that, if anything, is too fast to even enjoy where you just were*.


    (* my highest character is 65 and my comments do not apply to leveling from 65 to level cap.)

  • UsualSuspectUsualSuspect Member UncommonPosts: 1,243

    Thanks for the info, nice to know it isn't too slow anymore. If I had to go from 1 to 65 in the time it used to take there's no way I'd be signing up. As it's fairly cheap a monthly fee, I think I'll sign up then and give it a go. Hopefully there'll be people around my level that I can team up with. Fingers crossed!

    Now, the big question.. What class to make? Cleric is always good, wouldn't mind trying Enchanter, used to play a Monk so won't replay that. Decisions decisions!

  • GoldknyghtGoldknyght Member UncommonPosts: 1,519

    It is still slow if you dont utilize the tools eq has given. Leveling from 1 - 51 is the easiest and quickest with Hot Zones and Mercenary. If you try and do it solo no merc and no hot zone it will take forever with certain classes. Then you have to have at least 500 AA's before any respectable guild will look at you and you need roughly 1000 to be an effective member. Your not missing any storyline with toons prior to 50 so really doesnt matter if u start on the 51/50 server but you can level a toon to 50 quick on any server with a merc if u want to immerse yourself in a Solo it will take longer and you will quit unless your dedicated and want to make max level to play with people.

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