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Possible new player here. I need info

lightingbirdlightingbird Member Posts: 103

Firstly, I love pvp mmos.  What is the pvp in this game like?  Eve online was ok to me and star trek online a joke.  How detailed as a space game is this?  Can you leave your ship? Is there a open world pvp setup?



  • JoshBobJoshBob Member Posts: 6

    The game's almost completely PVP oriented, there are NPCs but they aren't too huge of a threat. Each faction can own and control planets, and structures can be built upon them (some for planetary defense, etc.). The PVP is completely open. The one exception is the Beginner's Area, where you cannot enter if you're above a certain rank. Besides that, anything can happen. For the most part, when you play you'll probably want to listen to where the other people in your faction are going at the moment and tag along so you can get into the action.

    When you first start, you can't pilot the big ships, but if you maneuver good enough being small can be a good thing, so its sorta balanced in that way.

    Sadly, you cannot leave your ship. You can go to the nearest shipyard and change to another of your ships, but there isn't any walking on the surface of planets or anything like that.

    If you're interested just go ahead and give it a shot; after all it is completely free.

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