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Joining the U.S. Servers from Europe

RocketeerRocketeer Member UncommonPosts: 1,303

Today i decided to reactivate my european copy of LoTRO(im a german customer of codemasters), which i left a couple of months after MoM. So obviously i also needed the adventure pack(shared bank space, yummy) and the Siege of Mirkwood expansion. Since most of the news i hear about LoTRO comes from the NA crowd(i generally only use the english speaking part of the net) i was aware of the anniversity and the special offers revolving around it.

So i headed to codemasters site to check out their offers. There is none. They wanted to charge me 28€ for mirkwood and the adventure pack, without any gametime which hits at another 15€. They expected me, as a customer already owning the original game and the MoM expansion to pay 43€. I gracefully declined that scam, and decided to try to cheat my way into the NA version of the game run by Turbine(which currently goes at 10$ with all three expansions and 30 days gametime included).


Now imagine my surprise, no cheating required. Turbine nicely asked which country im from, took my CC and funny address without any problem, send me the CD-Key and let me register the game with completely legit personal information. WoW. Thats a first for me.


I saved ALOT of money, will further safe money by now paying my subscription in dollar and get to directly support the guys making the game. Not to mention getting better service, higher populated servers and scratch my RP itch without feeling embarassed(my first mmo was EVE, RPing in german feels majorly weird and creepy to me). Not to mention that the U.S. crowd seems more openminded regarding wardens, and i can post on the official forums. Its like epic win.

True i have to start over, and i left my old kinship behind. But hey, meeting new people is fun true? So anyone have advice for a nice server to start on? I like RP servers, but i am willing to play on others if they have a nice community(though im not the guy to discuss american football or soaps with obviously). My class would probably be warden, with runekeeper or bard to keep me some variety.


So take this as a headsup european players, if your fed up with codemasters, its way easy to join the NA crowd, all you need is a CC.

P.S.: 10$ anniversary offer. It inludes the maingame, MoM, SoM and 30 days. Dunno how long that will be up. Site is legit, i immedietly received my key which i registered to my turbine account just fine.


  • DekapitatorDekapitator Member UncommonPosts: 261

    Than k you

    Im checking this one out.

    tired of this vat and euro crap

  • GorillaGorilla Member UncommonPosts: 2,235

    Perhaps Im being dense but I don't see the offer. Is the link correct?

  • DekapitatorDekapitator Member UncommonPosts: 261


    I purchased the game from here and all went well.

    They did not accpet paypal for this transaction so I had to use the main credit card.

    In about 30m i got an email with the product key that allowed me to activate the game with all expansions and play in US servers.

    Thanks for the intel thread starter.

  • unrealunreal Member Posts: 53

    I don't see any 10$ offer for the full package either...

  • RocketeerRocketeer Member UncommonPosts: 1,303

    Check the date on my op, the offer was apparently limited time. It returned to 30$ now, which is still much cheaper then what you pay in europe. Though if you have current highlevel chars in europe i probably wouldnt do it now. Still i dont regret it, im happy in the U.S., Brandywine is a fine server for europeans.

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