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NC soft

spinesplitspinesplit Member Posts: 115

Why does  NC soft have a notorious name for not banning bots.??

I dont understand how the company gets that stigma when they ban bots non stop.

Their customer support is shit but trust me ..ncsoft bans a lot of bots in Lineage2.

People generalize way too much and give companys such bad auras.



  • nubadaknubadak Member Posts: 150

    Well way back after Pre-Lude the bot stormed the servers all of em. In short it realy became a war between the players and the coprorations that needed the bots. the bots stated to take castles and use the buffs to Player level people then the players got organized and a looong war ensued. I was on Lioona a RP server the bots had a good grip on Gludio castle and continualy tried to expand. EG: you walkj to a area they liked and they would dispatch you..if you showed up with friends they brought bot armies to stop you. Hence the bad blood started.

    Eventualy the palyers on Liona took Grain from the bots (remember the map was much smaller back then) and Grain was and still is the undisputed trade capital so thats when I personaly noticed a change. The bots needed to become a players friend not just an enemy so they started to leave people alone if they got PK'd once..but fought back after multiple PK's..bacvk then going RED was a LOT different then now..a red player could loose there top junk if thay died and so could a bot.

    The players dropped taxxes to a low lvl to drive the bots out of Grain area and force them back to Gludio and the smaller less profitable areas.  This forced them into CRUMA tower were they fought like demons to maintain the good loot i Crume killing all who entered.

    Player organizations then (with multiple clans and territories now) started co-op Bot hunts EG: If someone started to screem in local HELP I WAS KILLED BY A BOT IN ELVEN FORTRESS. Top lvl players from all availiable clans came and started grps to clean up. After being driven out of Cruma and Elven fortress they started to notice FAR less people buying adens and they had little adens to give the large buyers.

    IMO thats when it ended on Lioona. They retreadted to small out of the way areas and gave up ( most of them) on their kill who show up tatics.

    After that the bot problem on Liona was a much smaller matter.

    Ahh the old days...All the big clans used to hook up and war the bot machine ;)

    Hard as it was it was hella fun when we started to win.




  • spinesplitspinesplit Member Posts: 115

    Well you dont see Chinese raid farmers as much anymore. People still do bot because it's such a hard game to level but people also lose soooo much when they do get banned but I can assure you, NC soft does ban bots. Yes they did allow cheating in Lineage 2 far too long un noticed. People are still to this day reaping non stop from it but NC soft is always checking for bots and they will ban your whole train they dont care.

    Aion they cleaned up the bots pretty fast but the bots also left because of how the game is designed. The farmers dont make money off Aion like even older games

    Regardless of the chinese raid farmers or whoever will war you back in c3 this thread is about the companys stigma it has for Lineage 2 being a bot haven when I know 100% all about the problem of bots.

    I am very close friends to a lot of Chinese farmers I used to sell adena to gear my toonz because it was hard.

    The real reason Lineage 2 is the way it is, because the items hold their value. It's not soulbound it has a higher sale on the market than even a new game like Aion and it helps players advance to newer weapons and gear.

    While making items soulbound, this stops farmers but really destroys a game for me. I feel like my weapons are fake and hold no value.

    I way prefer to know a weapons worth a lot of real money AND game money than to feel like it is stuck to 1 character and it's doomed and useless after and i cant resell it and get a big profit back

    The only reason I play mmos is for a dream weapon

    But back on topic, all I ever hear about NC soft is complaints about customer support and bots but really you can exclude them not banning bots off that list.

    I just think people disect too much out of what they get for their monthly fee. If everybody is such a critic and dont just enjoy a game for what it is. They just give giant companys bad karma that never drops (some of it deserved ofcourse).

    Try look at a game as a living breathing world instead of looking for the bad textures .

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