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Mouse or Keyboard Turning? [POLL]

uquipuuquipu Member Posts: 1,516

I used to turn with the keyboard, using WASD

I got p0wned in PvP a lot. It took me a while to figure out why. Turns out it wasn't the only reason I got p0wned, but mouse turning improved my PvP experience a lot. You can turn on a dime with the mouse. In most games you have to hold down the right mouse key to turn.

It took a lot of practice to go from keyboard turning to mouse, but I'm glad I did.

Mouse turning also helps if you tank, a mob rushes the healer, instead of using the WASD keys and turning like a barge, you can spin around and pick them up. Mouse turning is even mandatory in some encounters I've seen.

After you answer the poll, can you post the MMO(s)? Doess your MMO have a mouse turning feature? I'm sure different MMOs have different control systems.

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  • lagerchobglagerchobg Member UncommonPosts: 203

    Mouse is the easiest way ever... i guess because of the shooters but who knows. I'm used to it because of them and i prefer to use it in every single mmo out there.

  • ironleviironlevi Member Posts: 122

    Keyboard turners and skill clickers, haha. Watched my buddy play like that one day and knew why he felt his class was underpowered and he always died in PvP.

    In PvE you can get away with it because mobs don't move around. In PvP, no. Especially if the game has any directional requirements for combat.

    Waiting for the "I keyboard turn and click my skills and I do just fine in PvP" reply. Perhaps you do well, but if you learned to bind and mouse turn you'd be better. The only button you need on the keyboard to move are the straffe ones. End.

  • lornphoenixlornphoenix Member Posts: 993

    I have always used the mouse to turn. Sure there are times when I use keyboard turning, but that's normally for corse correction while auto-running, typically when I'm have a drink in my right hand.

  • svannsvann Member RarePosts: 2,211

    Ive never played an mmo where keyboard turning was functionally equal to mouse turning.

  • GrungiGrungi Member Posts: 86

    Originally posted by svann

    Ive never played an mmo where keyboard turning was functionally equal to mouse turning.

    Agreed. I've mouse-turned in every MMO I've ever played. It has a far superior response time.

  • fyerwallfyerwall Member UncommonPosts: 3,240

    I'll use keyboard turning for maybe running around a town, but thats about it.

    When in combat I use a combination of keyboard turning and key turning because it allows for a tigher turn while moving (like strafing while turning).

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  • RajenRajen Member Posts: 689

    I used to keyboard turn, but over the past year or two I have found myself holding both mouse clickers down 24/7 while I play.. not sure why, just seems like I developed a bad habit ?_?

  • zazzzazz Member UncommonPosts: 408

    Lmfao peoiple actually use wasd in pvp , thats a new one on me must be liek doing the robot dance to your opponent.


  • astoriaastoria Member UncommonPosts: 1,677

    mouse turn
    mouse thumb buttons for forward and backward movement
    strafe left and right with g13 joystick

    I have gotten so hooked on this set up that I cant play a game that wont let me do it. that's sad, but lets me alt a lot and hit the ground running in new games (especially useful for SPGs that I wont play as long).

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  • SteamRangerSteamRanger Member UncommonPosts: 920

    I swing both ways. Sometimes I use the keyboard, sometimes the mouse. I click instead of trying to remember hotkeys and hate click-to-move.

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  • HyanmenHyanmen Member UncommonPosts: 5,357

    I'll be a unique snowflake and answer... pad!

    Although I prefer keyboard, but I want to be different from the masses!

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  • FennrisFennris Member UncommonPosts: 275

    If you need practice in WoW, turn on autorun and fight a mob with a melee weapon.  You'll get the hang of it.

  • KilorTheMeekKilorTheMeek Member Posts: 260

    I usually use my mouse.  Sometimes they keyboard depends on  what I'm doing.

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  • ComnitusComnitus Member Posts: 2,462

    Since most people are right-handed, I'd figure mouse turning would come naturally to us. It certainly did for me when I played WoW. I usually used WASD for movement when I was just traveling, though. If I had auto-run on, I'd use my mouse and let my left hand do whatever it wanted.


  • nAAtimusnAAtimus Member Posts: 342

    Originally posted by uquipu

     using the WASD keys and turning like a barge

    This is the best description of turning with WASD ever.

    I'm not here to complete my forum PVP dailies.

  • DaywolfDaywolf Member Posts: 749

    I voted other (even though the forum is loading slooooooow) because I really use both and cant exclude one over the other. Like if I’m moving long distances over land, I lock WASD and orbit my camera to scout as I move. If in a tight area where one slip and I fall off a cliff, 1st person mouse control. In combat, depends on the role, but I mostly shift controls and perspective around depending on the situation.   So other/both. Melee more mouse, Range/Caster more WASD.


     As for click-to-move, some games use/offer that to save bandwidth. If you are on a slow connection, click-to-move will get you around w/o sending/receiving so much data. Otherwise, it's less preferred.

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  • BloodDualityBloodDuality Member UncommonPosts: 404

    I always use the mouse to move my camera and wasd to move and strafe then. That way it feels much more like I am playing a typical fps game with the controls. It is a bit annoying to always have to hold in the right mouse button though, but it is something that is easy to get used to.

    Just using the wasd without the mouse feels so old and remdings me of playing games like the oringinal Resident Evils. Much too like controling a tank.

  • Jimmy_ScytheJimmy_Scythe Member CommonPosts: 3,586


    Mainly because the arms of my recliner are not long enough to allow for a mouse or even my trackmarble. Then again, I play a lot of games that are just more comfortable with the gamepad (shmups).

    But when it comes to keyboard vs. mouse... yeah, the mouse is gonna be faster and smoother every time.

  • AxehiltAxehilt Member RarePosts: 10,504

    While keyboard turning is inarguably inferior, button-clicking is less so.

    I use to professionally balance RTS games, and one of the players I've worked alongside used to use zero hotkeys yet was one of our best players on that project.  Totally changed my opinion that people who don't use hotkeys can't compete.

    Ability usage in MMORPGs is the same way. You can train yourself to be pretty damn fast at clicking if you're determined, and if you find it's the most natural way to speedily hit the right abilities, then more power to ya.

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  • WickedjellyWickedjelly Member Posts: 4,990

    Combination of both really myself.  Although I suppose I tend to use the mouse more often than the keys.

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  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441

    I use both, depends on the exact situation. Voted "other" because of that even though I use the mouse somewhat more than the keyboard, or in my case the trackball.

  • DreamorbDreamorb Member Posts: 20

    Needless to say it's faster to use mouse and use hotkeys for skill activation.

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