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So, i got banned or hacked?

Thandur92Thandur92 Member UncommonPosts: 76

Hey. So 3 days ago i got a Aion trial before i brought it. Then 2 days ago i brought the game really enjoying it on EU server. I hit lvl 20 on my sorcerer, did the lvl 20 quest for stigma skill. Then i suddenly get DC'ed? Try to relog back onto the game says im suspened? Then i try NCsoft website trying to log into my account and it says "Your account is permantly banned" Why did this happen?

Im new to aion and i didnt talk to many people only people in my group when questing.

Really has annoyed me that i brought the download client from there site for £35 and got the key with it. Then i had to buy 1 month of gametime to play it aswell so over £40 to get either banned or hacked in 2 days?


I dont see why this has happened to me. So anyone got any suggestions on how to sort this out and get my account back?


Thank you :)


  • frostsmithfrostsmith Member Posts: 111

    You can easily get hacked in two days. Either that or that Aion has something like WoW has. Once you have a virus, malware or keyloggers on your computer they shut your account down. Which imo is a good idea. Just email them and hopefully they have their crap together to restore accounts.

  • Thandur92Thandur92 Member UncommonPosts: 76

    Thanks. I just dont understand why they let stuff like this happen?

  • frostsmithfrostsmith Member Posts: 111

    Meh, chalk it up to greed. If there is money to be made, people will screw others to make it.

  • Thandur92Thandur92 Member UncommonPosts: 76

    Well i doubt they will sort my account out >< Why would they care about a guy who only just brought the game?

    Even if i do im going to not trust anyone ^^

  • WolfenbaneWolfenbane Member Posts: 48

    you cant trust anyone in AION - there are so many threads on the main forums with hacked as the subject. Its a very poor state of affairs when accounts can be hacked this easily.

    Theres even rumours of logging on the forums being one main "flag" to hackers - ie people log on forums - chat and then get hacked

    All rumourville mind.

    Me - yep account hacked also - I work in IT and use very strong passwords as a matter of cause and never used a mod or logged onto any other site and put anything to do with my toons etc in - I did however post a couple of times on the official forums - 2 + 2 and all that.

    You will get it back but after you given them every detail you can think of including the size of weener and your favourite animal when you was 3 years old.

    There strict and its a good thing - after all you could be the hacker trying to get back in - but the use one rule and it applies to all - there should be a secret password tied elsehwere to allow the Real user to get back in if it happens.


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