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So I took the plunge...

SenanSenan Member UncommonPosts: 788

and bought the trilogy pack from direct2drive. I had a few questions though.

Firstly, how do I go about downloading the full client all at once? With the setup client that direct2drive linked me, it seems to only download parts of the game as you get to them. It's really annoying since you end up having to wait at the loading screen for around 20-30 minutes while it downloads the new section it needs. I don't understand why they would even use a pointless system like that. Why not just download everything all at once?

Secondly, is it possible to play the First (prophecy) campaign with one of the newer classes like Dervish? I really wanted to go through everything in the game (starting with prophecy) but I wanted to play a Dervish. I guess I'll just need to bite the bullet and play one of the original classes though, huh? The warrior seems interesting so if I have to play one, I can manage, but I'd really rather go through it all with the Dervish if that's possible.

I had one other question for those of you that have made a character and then deleted it later so that you could reuse the name - How long does it take to be able to use the name again? I deleted my trial character so that I could reuse the name with my Dervish, and although the deletion went smoothly, whenever I try to make a character with that name it says, "Name is already in use". Do I need to contact support about it or does it just take a certain amount of time?


Thanks in advance for any info, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of you in-game :). I'm still looking for a new-player friendly guild, so if any of you know of one, please let me know.



  • ParaKnowYaParaKnowYa Member UncommonPosts: 15

    To download the Full Client add -Image to your Shortcut on the Desktop and start it.

    So it says for Example "C:ProgrammeGuild Warsgw.exe" -image"


    I havent played for a long Time so i cant say anything to your other Questions.

  • djazzydjazzy Member Posts: 3,578

    There are only a few big downloads, most of the zones will take about 5 minutes or less. Once they are all downloaded you won't have to download them again. I like it that way but I can see how somebody would by annoyed by it.

    The Dervish class starts in Nightfall. You can't play with a Dervish in Pre-Searing. You could have a runner run you to Ascalon, which is post-searing, but you would have to have a bit of cash on you. There is no real away around it.

    I don't know about the name thing. I've never really tried that.

  • TussTuss Member Posts: 103

    I haven't had any problem with using the name of a character I just deleted on one I just made a few minutes after.

    I lost all my dignity a long time ago.

  • SenanSenan Member UncommonPosts: 788

    Thanks for the info guys :)

  • SecromSecrom Member Posts: 318

    Any character from any campaign can play all the missions from another campaign as long as:

    1. Both campaigns are tied to the same account

    2. You have unlocked travel for said character to other continents

    Characters with campaign-specific professions as their primary can only be started in their respective campaigns, Factions for Assassins and Ritualists, Nightfall for Dervish and Paragon.

    A runner isn't needed to get to Post-Searing Ascalon in Prophecies (the only campaign where, by the way, you might reach almost any place without unlocking the area through the storyline).

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