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Is it me or lag?

Ralphie2449Ralphie2449 Member UncommonPosts: 406

as a mage class that needs to cast a spell the animation is important too.

For example when i use my firebolt it takes the bar 2 full seconds and after the end the animation kicks in removing your ability to move. So the spell is 2,5-3second in truth. Is that somekind of lag problem for me or thats how aion works?


  • Shatter30Shatter30 Member UncommonPosts: 487

    I would suggest 2 things.  First in game type /ping to see what your ping is at.  Mine averages around 60ms.  If its high download and use leatrix latency fix, reboot and check ping again

  • JakdstripperJakdstripper Member RarePosts: 2,410

    i'v actually been asking myself the same question.

    My main is a cleric and wile i can almost instantly use my healing spells from a non combat stance ( sheathed weappons) but when i use my damage spells there is almost a full 2 seconds for the "unsheath weappons" animation. this 2 second pause gets very annoying when in pvp since as a cleric i have to switch between healing and dpsing very often. wile i like the sheath/unsheath animation i wish it was only when you first go into combat.

    add a bit of extra lagg and latancy and it's really gets frustrating.

  • Ralphie2449Ralphie2449 Member UncommonPosts: 406

    ye my ping was quite high around 150ms. After downloading the Leatrix Latency Fix it fell to 70-80ms.

    It responds faster but still the animation starts after casting time adding half or 1 second to spell making it more than its written casting time. Also you cant move while that animation is in progress.

  • TheCalamityTheCalamity Member Posts: 58

    I really think its just the game, I have the same problem with animations after casting spells, no real way around it :'(

  • Maddrox181Maddrox181 Member UncommonPosts: 132

    Ive had the problem since beta , I did the leatrix fix but it made almost no difference at all .. However after subbing to Gamepath the problem was solved.. Took my ping from 200ms down to about 90ms avg and everything became noticably more responsive ( Noticably is actually an understatement more like Super responsive )

    I actually had a friend from Wisconsin who was running around 40ms install the gamepath trial and it was a night and day difference with his connection as well so I can't help but to think it has something to do with the pathing to Aion's servers.


    Gamepath is around $6 per month .. I wasn't happy with having to pay and use it but the difference it made was more than worth it to me.

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