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NVM. Lock thread.

silenossilenos Member Posts: 116

EDIT: NVM. I changed my mind... I don't want to play Aion anymore.

1.) A person from my country (European) got banned for playing on US server. Not sure if this is true, but WTF?!
2.) The EU price is too high.
3.) One of my American friends just got hacked.
4.) There are too many hackings and bad opinions about the game.

I think I'll stick with Perfect World until Guild Wars 2 gets released. =P

I want to reborn as a Sylvari.


  • ElectriceyeElectriceye Member UncommonPosts: 1,171

    Yes you can, but you have to make sure it's the NA version of the game, aka you have to use an NA cd-key for it to work. If you have a EU cd-key you can only play on European servers.


  • silenossilenos Member Posts: 116

    I wanna buy it online on NCsoft site, but even if I choose the US site at the top, it redirects me to the European version of the game and it's a pain in the butt... I only see the European version in stores... I'm not sure where else to get it, I don't really wanna order the game from online stores because of the horrible shipping fees. I'm not sure what to do. x.x

    LOOOOOOOL!!! I wanted to buy the EU version afterall but I changed my mind.
    If I paid with US dollars it would cost me about 2900 Hungarian forints / month.
    But if I paid with Euro, it would cost me about 3500 Hungarian forints / month!!!
    xD It's because US dollar is cheaper than Euro in my country. It's ALWAYS cheaper. And Euro is relatively chap atm, it would eventually cost more... Holy crap! If I can't play US version, I won't play at all! I'm not a rich person irl, I can't spend money mindlessly.
    I might ask one of my US friends to buy me US serial.

    I want to reborn as a Sylvari.

  • Maddrox181Maddrox181 Member UncommonPosts: 132

    I'm sure you can find a US copy on Ebay .. Though a Buddy of mine from EU bought his through D2D and selected US for the currency and it gave him a US version so you could try that also.

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