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Hey, i'm currently playing the trial, i'm still doing the introduction quests but i have a question. Is this introduction solo, because so far i haven't met any other players. (if it's not solo, is the rest of the world also this empty?)


Other than that i'm quite enjoying it, but it seems like a quite standard MMO with nothing new to offer, is this true or does it get better later on?


  • JackdogJackdog Member UncommonPosts: 6,321

    teh very first part is strictly solo, then you go to a starter instance where only character lvl 7 and below will be found then you will do a solo quest which will take you to the main game world around level 6 or 7. What race are you playing ? Hobbits and men start in the Archet instance, dwarves and elves start in the Thorons hall instance.

    I miss DAoC

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