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Should Dungeoneering be a Minigame?

AlysenMinaseAlysenMinase Member Posts: 361

Don't get me wrong, I love Dungeoneering. It is one of the better updates this game has seen in awhile. But I can't help to think it seems more like a Minigame than an actual skill...anyone agree with me?

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  • PhelimReaghPhelimReagh Member UncommonPosts: 682

    It certainly seems more like a minigame than a skill, in the Runescapian sense of the word.


    I'll confess at this point I'm just reading about it, but I don't see what the "skill" really is. You run dungeons and get dungeon running XP. The only benefit of the skill is you can get some 2nd-tier gear that is worse than the gear you currently get in-game.


    Maybe it's skill-worthiness will make itself more apaprent as time goes by. But from everything I'm reading, it is not much more than a very involved and probably very fun minigame.

  • Palo_godPalo_god Member UncommonPosts: 171

    It already is a mini game just like nomads requim is a short master quest. Jagex's names don't mean jack shit. If they rename a cow into a duck will you start callling cows ducks?

  • b2i12b2i12 Member Posts: 75


    From what I have read and seen 99% of Runescape would agree that Dungeoneering is a minigame.  Jagex needed to give their players a new skill, they promised they would for a long time now.  So they gave them a new minigame and called it a skill.  Now on the positive side, it is a really fun minigame.  But in no way is it a skill worth training unless you just are doing it for the level. Jagex did quite a good job on graphics on this update, however a couple of players including myself believe that they kind of rushed through some of the designing aspects.  For example some of the monsters they put in the dungeon seemed like they were done last minute and could have been done a lot better than they were. To be specific a couple of players have complained about the hydra and its lack of design.  But anyways now that i got completely off topic lol.  I definetly think that Dungeoneering is a glorifyed minigame and nothing more. 

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