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pretty silent...

It has been pretty silent lately, nothing new hasn't come or haven't informed.
This is killing me! ::::06::::::07::

is there an echo in here?



  • SaremarSaremar Member Posts: 4
    everybody is pissed including me! the ones loosing out are the publisher/developers... people are loosing interest, waiting for a game that they know nothing about. just go to the forums thousands feel the same.



  • luckyplayaluckyplaya Member Posts: 3

    ya i know i havent heard anything about it i was wondering when it is going to come out

  • MhorhamMhorham Member Posts: 146

    These pre release communites can last up to three years. MEO is a new kid on the blcok still. Don't even start this crap yet. If it hit mid 2006 then sure . .lmao . . . . .

  • GambinoGambino Member Posts: 31

    LMAO is right, you have no idea what you're talkinb about.  Check and see how long this community has been around and then try and post something that looks intelligent.

  • KonttuKonttu Member Posts: 81

    hah! Cant I post what i want...

  • XpheyelXpheyel Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 704

    Yes, the official site has been generally silent.

    However, I found in the links section that MEO Source is still updating... For instance, they're not using mouse-click movement. There are a fair number other tidbits tucked in there too.

    Its not big things, but it is something.


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