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Thsi game

NayukimisaoNayukimisao Member Posts: 10

After a relatively quick and painless download, i jumped right into the character creator. The first thing i noticed is that it asked you to pick between 2 different realms. one centered around a more mystical concept, and one centered around a more militaristic concept. All 6 classes and and all 3 races are available to each. Moving on, i took a look at the 3 races, Human, Werebeast and Fairy. The humans were obviously pretty standard looking, with a certain rugged feel to them. The fairies seemed almost like something that jumped out of an Asian anime MMO, having heads twice the size of their bodies and big spiky hair in many different and obscure colors, but they actually looked like fairies which was a nice touch. The last race was the Wearbeast, and while not looking as cool as the fan art depicted them as (and being in need of some serious head enlargement), they were still pretty awesome looking. I decided on a Werebeast Summoner because that seemed to be more up my alley than anything else, although i wouldnt have been opposed to an archer. After doing the first few generic "kill x amount of creatures" quests i got into the slightly more innovative ones such as "raid the knoll camp and find all the labeled boxes" after a few hours of this i realized something very strange. i was having fun. you know, FUN, that thing gaming used to be before it felt like a second job.

So in summary, yes, this game is a free version of WoW, but unlike most games, it rips off World of Warcraft very well instead of just doping a half assed job of it,


  • praymespraymes Member UncommonPosts: 27

    Yeah I felt too something like that, but I quited it few months ago cuz of the dull combat.

    Face the truth

  • DaitenguDaitengu Member Posts: 442

    My only software complaint is that when I tried to play it, the loader.exe crashes anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes after login.  I noticed that it's very grindy and even at lvl 13 requires grind sessions just to get the next non-repeatable quest.  I got to 17 before I gave up from frustration of the game crashing out my whole computer.


    add: No, it isn't my computer. I can play Aion, WoW, and Dragon-age for example.  4Story and my system just don;t get along.

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