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to Dismantle or Obey

JamionJamion Member UncommonPosts: 58

For those that don't know Guild Wars is planning a content update, the first one in years.  The content update will revolve around the conflict in Kryta between the White Mantle and the Shining Blade.  They have started this as a viral campagin on facebook and twitter.  Also during they have been handing out posters with QR codes to it is suspected that the update will launch with the 5th anniversary of Guild Wars at the end of the month of April.  It is also thought that the update will involved returning Princess Salma to power as Queen of Kryta. Guild Wiki Source Guild Wars Guru recap of Viral Campaign

Along with preupdate to this info they have introduced an update to the Salma and Evennia character models and have introduced a Shining Blade camp in Talmark Wilderness.  You can view pics here:

I hope to see you all in game when the content update goes live.  Also if you are on twitter, tweet #obey to support the White Mantle and #dismantle to support the Shining Blade.



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