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Ultimate Class?

Capt_PocoCapt_Poco Member Posts: 3

My question is, is there an Ultimate Class for Shadowbane? Class combination(s) that are better than most? Basically, do you think that this game is balanced? I'm thinking of signing up and this is a really important aspect of a PvP MMORPG like Shadowbane, IMO.


  • superhero13superhero13 Member Posts: 170

    You have brought up the strength of Shadowbane - its rock, paper, scissors at its best.

    The classes are highly balanced even with nerfs and a detailed skills system.

    From time to time people create a great template, but then people find out a way to fight it and another class takes dominance. Early on there was a bladeweaving mage assassin...but that transformed into the sundancing irekei mage assassin. The "gimplar" turned into the "over powered" templar.

    And there is so much skill to be proven in SB. I no longer play, but the game will always hold a special place in my past. Do yourself a favor and play it.

  • arvainisarvainis Member Posts: 548
    Any class can be great as long as it's spec'd right and you have the right gear.  So basically you either need to find a way to get a butt load of gold to buy the good gear or get in with a super guild that will help you out.  Each class/spec has it's own use.  Wether it be solo PK, Buff Bot, Group healer/buffer, etc.. and you'll want at least one solo PK to run around when you're bored.  But PvP boils down who can "play through" the lag best. 

    "Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves." ~ Ronald Reagan

  • Capt_PocoCapt_Poco Member Posts: 3

    <But PvP boils down who can "play through" the lag best>

    ::::04:: Hopefully it isn't that bad. Thanks fer the responses. The forums work! ::::08::

    That said, it does seem like this game is equipment-centric as well as having quite a bit of grinding involving something called "runes", which I believe are related to character development. My question is, is PvE (or some other simple, repetitive task) in Shadowbane the main way of advancing your character? If so, then what, aside from nation-building, distinguishes Shadowbane from, say, EQII? Sorry for so many questions, but I am seriously considering buying a copy.

  • arvainisarvainis Member Posts: 548

    Unfortunately the l337 D3wdz all AFK macro level their toons.  But these are the hard core dudes that changes characters often and reroll whenever a patch changes a class significantly.  So basically you'll level to about 60-70 depending on your template.  Some templates are viable at lower levels but some you need to squeeze out every point you can to make the character as efficiet/powerful as possible. 

    Leveling in SB is pretty simple.  Find a spawn your level and kill it until they "con" low enough the xp sucks.  Then move on.  A lot of people have "PL" charaacters that help to PL liower level (and higher level) charaacters.  It's dead borring after the second or third toon.  In order to train your skills high enough to be good for PvP you have to train at a Player City instead of the freeholds.  The big thing is to find a cool guild that will help you out because alone your a sitting duck and you'll get frustrated easily and quit. 

    I haven't played EQ2 so the only answer I can give you is PvP.  The PvP is great until you hit the bigger battles which turn into lagfests.  Nothing greater then PKing another player and laughing about it with him the next day on the forums.  The game is solid but it wore me down too much.  I tried to get into politics and such and it ruined the game for me. 

    "Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves." ~ Ronald Reagan

  • superhero13superhero13 Member Posts: 170

    Politics are one of the strengths of this game. You can have a guild, "sub" other guilds (putting them under you in terms of control, and lead that nation to war ...based on if they look at you funny.

    If you burn down their town people will be scared of you and beg and plead for you to spare them. All the while they may be lying and talking to your other enemy to come help them take you down. It is sooo much fun.

    SB and EQ2 are nothing alike. EQ2 has tons of PvE content...SB has mind-numbing PvE.
    EQ2 has no city-building, no PvP, and no changing of templates. SB has all that in spades.

    SB > EQ2

  • arvainisarvainis Member Posts: 548
    It's not thast much fun fighting the same people/alliances over and over again.  Shadowbane has a very small player base and you end up fighting the same people over and over again.  On Mourning server you can't do anything really.  There are a few guilds and veteran players that will kill you if you try to start anything big and they will do it all under the "anti-zerg" banner."  Don't bother with politics.  Play the game and leave the baloney to other people. 

    "Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves." ~ Ronald Reagan

  • Capt_PocoCapt_Poco Member Posts: 3

    Your talk of macros intrests me. Do the devs allow macros? I mean, they won't ban someone using them, right? If the PvE is as mindnumbing (and the PvP as good) as you say, it would make sense for the devs to allow macros. Somehow I doubt it though. Devs never know what's good fer their games.

    A lot of games I play have small playerbases, so this doesn't worry me too much. I play Puzzle Pirates, after all. thanks for the responses!

  • RykerRyker Member UncommonPosts: 207
    I dont think there is a best class in this game, its pretty balanced, there is a class that will kill your class.  I like the confessor it seems well rounded for pvp for me or maybe a duel weilding scout that can backstab for picking off people when they least expect it.
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