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Anybody have some suggestions for a new game for me :D ?

PyrallessPyralless Member Posts: 17

I have played Grand Fantasia, Dofus & Wakfu, tried allods and perfect world international, and attempted shaiya (but too many technical errors so i gave up)  I enjoyed them, but now I'm bored with them. So I'm looking for something new :D

I'm an artist, so I'm very passionate about GOOD GRAPHICS. I particularly enjoy anime style. I also quite like japanese/asian artistry, it's defintately nice to look at. I DON'T want any of the WoW copy crap, because i find it so unoriginal.

I enjoyed the unique features in Grand Fantasia, the crafting pet sprites were a very original and creative idea, but the rest of the game annoyed me. Originality and creativity are a big win for me :)

I do like games with proffesions/crafting features, gives me something else to do in-game other than leveling my character.

I've got limited game-play time, so not a game that will absolutely require constant grinding.

Any suggestions will be awesome, they don't have to be perfect, and don't have to be exactly like my desciption.

Thanks :D


Edit: Oh yeah sorry, I forgot to put in Free 2 play would be best for me :D


  • SgtFrogSgtFrog Member Posts: 5,001

    Pay to Play or Free to Play?

    if P2P then get Aion!

    March on! - Lets Invade Pekopon

  • gnomechefgnomechef Member Posts: 49

    In terms of graphics for Free 2 Play games, The Chronicles of Spellborn (currently in re-development) and Dungeons and Dragons Online, Possibly Allods Online, have the best graphics in both the Artistic sense (maybe not Allods) and in the actual resolution of textures, antialiasing etc. I hear great things about Dungeons and Dragons Online and i used to be a big player of Turbine's other game, Lord of the Rings Online so i know they are great storytellers, if you like PvE it DDO might be the game for you.

    For Pay 2 Play games Age of Conan, Lord of the Rings Online, and maybe Vanguard: Saga of Heroes are top of the list, mostly because of their DX10 graphical capability and I must say especially in Lord of the Rings Online with all settings maxed it really looks stunning, Age of Conan is even more heavy graphically (quite photo-realistic) though it being combat and PVP heavy may turn some people off. I would say give Lord of the Rings Online a try i had many a great time with it and the only reason i left it is because i finished the whole storyline up until the point i had to wait a month for the next chapter. Though the game and its two expansions has a good solid 2+ Years of playing time with some Pvp on the side. To make it better Lord of the Rings online is very casual friendly and has a solid crafting system, and is very immersive in PVE.

    That is pretty much the summary of the top end games in the graphics deparments for both f2p and p2p. I hope it helps you to find an mmo you like

  • phatpeteyphatpetey Member Posts: 323


    I've seen on your personal picture you're a fan of Deathnote. I'm a great fan aswell and read all the books with a lot of enjoyment.

    But to help you on your search I would recommend Shin Megami Tensei. It's a game which has some nice graphics and it is situated in the future Japan I think, not sure about that. Another important feature in the game is your pet and I thought there were quite a lot of choices to change it stats and looks.  Here you can see how it looks like : ).

    Hope that helped.


  • PyrallessPyralless Member Posts: 17

    Thanks for all your sujestions; I think I'll try out The Chronicles of Spellborn!

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    depends are you dx11 ready  only dx9?

    dx11 =lord of the ring (soon)

    dx10= age of conan or ddo

    dx9  =chronicle of spellborn

    if graphic is a high priority in the free to play you cannot beat ddo nomather what other say!

    it doesnt  fit my fix style but it might do good for you

    dont get me wrong i like graphic too .but i can deal with compromise

    like aika online!close in on character or surounding and you get very good graphic

    view them from a distance they become all grainy and blurry just like in real life

    the blurr function in aika isnt working properly so deactivate that till they find what the heck is going on with it

    but the graphic in this game are well gone

    heres an exemple .shame he doesnt close in on toon you would see how nice they are but when you take your distance they graphic are grainyish  just like in real life!

    but dont play gpotato version wait for global version to play it !too many unresolved issue with gpotato

    i ll be playing this when global version gets out

    this game main feature is the massive pvp

    if you dont like pvp try other game!

  • kalanthiskalanthis Member Posts: 111

    I haven't played Chronicles, may have to check that out next time I'm bored of what i've got on the PC.

    It seems you're looking for F2P?

    I found myself in a similar situation recently and DL'ed Allods and ROM.

    It may be worth you checking out Runes of Magic. I DL'ed it a while ago and it's art style may be right up your street. I'm personally not a fan of the style and prefer the crisper feel of ALLODS to the bloomy giant-eared, slightly cutesy feel of ROM...but this might be your thing. No harm in trying.

    The crafting is pretty good. The combat is ok, and things like quest-tracking and being able to click on names in quest descriptions and the game trying to auto-plot a course to destinations or NPCs was a nice touch. Seems pretty busy at some times, so there's a community there. I also liked being able to "multi-class".

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