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Who wants the first Runescape back?

pepsi1028pepsi1028 Member Posts: 471

God that game was the best.  I loved the original RS.  My friends and I all played and it was so great and just an exciting adventure.  Now it is too dark, too kiddie, and overall a totally different expirience.  Why can't I have my old game back?  I know this may be biased and you may disagree, but I just realised how much of a great time I had with the original RS.  So please, put your opinions here.


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  • Naturalist99Naturalist99 Member Posts: 182

    runescape has always been rather kiddie hate to say it, and also, the game is dying, its outdated, grafix suck, dont deny that, and its not, ok, it sucks, it was popular at one point many years ago but nobody really has interest in runescape anymore.

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  • AkaJetsonAkaJetson Member Posts: 1,167

    If you're talking about RS Classic, you can still play that I think if you played it when it was out, and they have recently let new players have a go at that. If you're talking about old RS2, I agree, it was good but it's pretty obvious it's not coming back because the game, company and majority of players have since moved on from those old times into the new RS.


  • CleadyCleady Member Posts: 3

    Nah!  RS isn't dying...You can go on there anytime and it's loaded with people!  I never played the orginal RS...I think it's called RS Classic.  But I do miss the RS that came after that.  The one where you could merchandise outside of banks, trade ANY amount of money or merchandise.  I know that the graphics aren't up to what some of the games have but the content is great.  I personally love the mini-games.  There is such a diverse amount of things to do there.  It's not just quests or crafting...Lots and lots of stuff to do.  I just can't get past the fact I can't trade.  That has lessened my game playing enjoyment.  I can't share my spoils with my sibling, or they with me.  I can't take my brother to my house and let him use my altar and run bones for him because I can't trade that amount of money/merchandise.  I can't just give my sister 100 sharks to use because you can't trade that amount of money/merchandise.  I can't find a whip in the abyss and just give it to my friend because I already have a whip and want to share, because you can't trade money/merchandise.  ALL other games I've played you can trade any amount of money or merchandise EXCEPT RS.  And the reason they stopped the trading (because of real world traders) has never stopped.'s so sad!

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