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3 years = almost no updates

ozzyxozzyx Member Posts: 9

this game is extremely bad with updates.... you shouldnt even bother with it... and its constant grinding... CONSTANT with... 3 quests... 1 to get ur first job which takes VERY LONG AND IS KILLING MOBS for ages... 2nd is killing mobs AGAIN FOR AGES to get a car.... and 3rd is for 2nd job which takes so fcking long most people quit coz they cba with it....


and after you get it its great for 10 levels... then its BORING AGAIN....


i played for 3 years.. mianly coz i had good stuff n didnt wna lose the work i put into it by quiting xD


but now i finaly cba to play anymore


  • Apollo_XApollo_X Member Posts: 6

    Well, updates have been picked up this year. Almost weekly new patches, events, mileage items, balancing issues etc.

    It's only a grind if you play solo. My advice would be : Don't pick a mmorpg to play solo.

  • yarburoyarburo Member Posts: 1

    You're definitely behind. ROSE changed so much after the addition of a fourth planet, Orlo, the planet of gold (on the official ROSE forum, it is referred to the Dec 23 update). A lot of abilities were nerfed, and everything became harder and rarer. The community got smaller, but it seems to be really dominated by the veteran players.

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