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Games Into Movies



  • EPDJEPDJ Member Posts: 130

    and yes i have played all the FF games besides the newer 2... the movie wasnt even remotely like the games... the games atleast had the fantasy feeling to it... ohh hey look the worlds going to end due to some very bad person... and in the games they had diffrent jobs that people had... monsters... hell, more of a plot than the movie...

    but the movie had nothing like the games.. just horrible..

  • RasukeRasuke Member Posts: 362

    Originally posted by Vampyr
    well tomb raider i just have to say didnt suck, it wasnt great but it didnt suck. but the only reason video game based movies suck a lot is because they diversify so much from the games, but whoever said NWN modules would be good is right. but which ones?????

    Geeze stop posting for months and no one remembers you.

    As far as which ones, it really doesn't matter as long as it's on from any of those role playing servers that give you all the background and such. Of course I haven't played it in a long time so I can't really give you the name of a certain one (or confirm that they're all still good.)

    Oh, am I'm shocked you don't think tomb raider sucks.

    image image image

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