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Need help deciding with what mmo I will spend a lot of my time

detlikdetlik Member Posts: 76

Hi everybody,

I don´t know what to play, I played almost every major mmo and I want to ask you my fellow gamers to which I should return. My first mmo was SWG, it was great game in its own way, I played a Zabrak Bounty Hunter and really loved the system when i could hunt the other players for money, I quitted it with release of Obi-wan Trials.

My second mmo was Lord of the Rings online, I really loved the RP aspect of the game, the music instruments, and simply whole atmosphere of the game, I quitted it before Moria, then I returned and quitted before Mirkwood.

My third mmo was WoW, the cartoony graphics were really neat, but I quitted because after month it seemed to simply for me, but I really liked the fantasy setting.

My next mmo was Everquest 2, which had best gameplay I ever saw, and really great card game which I played always when I was waiting for raid or simply when I didn´t have anything to do. I ended shortly after releasing Shadow Oddysey.

Warhammer was really interesting game, but at the time it didnt seem right game to me, but now I am tempted to return.

 I played Fallen Earth too, but I ended my subscription due to overhelming lags and bugs,but crafting system was interesting (put ton of items into line and go to sleep and in the morning full inventory of neat stuff)

Next game in the list is Champions online, which had best character generator ever, and was interesting in perks (unlocking costume parts, depending on how far are you in the game), I played my own class (bestial with sorcerer) and travelling powers was great :).

My last game was Age of Conan which had most beautifull soundtrack I ever heard, and combat. I leveled my Dark Templar to lvl 40 and then I quit due to lack of time.


Now what I look for : First of all there should be moderate or high playerbase so I wouldn´t need to wait too long for raids, battleground or whatever has the game to offer.Second there should be big ammount of content to explore, wouldn´t need to repeat same quests over and over again, and simply have fun. Last request is that the game should have servers where are a lot of RP players and in best case PvP.


Please recommend any mmo mentioned or some from your own list. Thanks for you help.


  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    mm its easy there is only one new real mmo avail!

    aika online!

    next question!searching for a mo instead!

    allods is a good one

    aion (not sure if this is a mo or mmo)

  • slessmanslessman Member Posts: 181

    Well, Ryzom has a good player base and PvP. There is some RP in the game as well. There are things called OP wars. Guilds team up to defend or attack outposts in order to gain special materials that you couldn't get otherwise. You may be able to enjoy that.


  • surstromingsurstroming Member UncommonPosts: 151

    u shud give mabinogi a try, its not like other mmorpgs but I may say its a grinder, but theres no real cap in it. atleast ur never alone while playing it ur always grouping, I found the right game to spend my time on untill any other game is released.

  • detlikdetlik Member Posts: 76

    Thanks everyone for reply, and what subscription based mmo´s are good? Recommend any which I played or which I don´t know about.

  • detlikdetlik Member Posts: 76

    I checked re-checked and double checked all major paid mmo´s and I picked some which I would like to return to please answer in pool what seems best to you.

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856




    in that order!(if these are the only choice!)

  • detlikdetlik Member Posts: 76

    I checked EvE and every mmo you recommended and I choosed three finalists :)





    Its pretty tough call for me :(

  • tidalkrakentidalkraken Member Posts: 49

    Lotro or WAR.


    I play EQ2 and am quitting because, after 55 levels, there is no variance or sense of adventure in the game world. It all feels kinda... small and plasticky.

  • detlikdetlik Member Posts: 76

    Could someone please write all cons and pros for Lotro and WAR? So i can decide :)

  • KruxKrux Member Posts: 274

    Hate to throw a wrench into the system.  


    But you like so much from so many different games, don’t pigeon-hole yourself just yet.  I wouldn’t go back to something you already played since the game-play will be the same, and WAR was a major disappoint for most, particularly if you were turned off by the simplicity of WoW.


    I cant tell if you lean toward more theme-parkish and pve-centric or sandboxy and balanced pvevp with player-driven building, crafting and economy.


    Not promoting this game, but one that I am watching very closely, which is launching in 2-weeks.  Xsyon


    Read-up on the FAQ's.

  • jeses1290jeses1290 Member UncommonPosts: 2

    I've played quite a few mmo's in my time

    1. Everquest original and 2

    2. DAOC

    3. Asheron's Call 1 and 2

    4. Planetside

    5. Guild Wars

    6. Wow

    7. LotR

    8. Auto Assault

    9. Eve

    and probably a few others I’m forgetting.  All of these games I gave at least a 2 month window of playing before either continuing on or throwing them to the wayside.  Anyway, I’d say hands down the best  mmo I’ve ever played would be original Everquest, which I played from 6months post-release though Planes of Power, then came back for Gates of Discord and Omens of War, then came back again for the Progression Servers through OoW. 


    My gaming technique is different from most peoples I would assume, in that I believe a game should be difficult and the best items/levels/achievements are nearly impossible to get for the causal gamer.  I'm usually not a PvP gamer, although i had months of fun on the original Rallos Zek server in EQ, pre-Kunark.  I enjoy high population games without quest grinding and am usually not persuaded by games with good graphics, since it seems they usually lack in more important areas.


    For a modern game recommendation, I might be slightly dated.  At the moment I have been brought back to WoW by a few friends after a 4 year break, play a beta-testing game named Heros of Newerth (HoN), and FF13 on Ps3.


    If you want an MMO, I’d say your best bets are

    1.  Ask your friends what they like

    2. Play a popular game (ex. Wow, Eve, or some of the other newer releases)

    3. Go back to something you used to enjoy

    4. Take a leap of Faith on a game after doing some research.
  • zeowyrmzeowyrm Member Posts: 746

    Originally posted by detlik

    Could someone please write all cons and pros for Lotro and WAR? So i can decide :)



    At this point, just suck it up and do the legwork for yourself.  If you rely on us to tell you what to play, you will be disappointed.

  • tidalkrakentidalkraken Member Posts: 49

    LOTRO = PvE centric. Established literary IP. Community is pretty relaxed.

    WAR = PVP, RvR centric. Established gaming IP. Community is a bit more macho.

  • detlikdetlik Member Posts: 76

    Last two questions and then I will be more than happy and decide which game to play, and I hope meet some of you there. How did champions online changed since launch? Xsyon is planned as big project from begining with a lot of content in begining or with it start slowly like Fallen Earth?

  • BuniontToesBuniontToes Member Posts: 529

    Xsyon doesnt exist yet.  Don't hang you hat on any game until it releases and survives 3 months.


    Try www.darkfallonline.com   $1 trial.


    • Skill based game

    • Open world non-consentual PvP

    • Huge hand crafted world

    • Risk vs Reward

    • Quite hard PvE compared to most games

    • FFA PvP

    • City building

    • City sieges

    • Naval Warfare

    No instances or waiting in line to PvP.  Moderate player base.

  • detlikdetlik Member Posts: 76

    I tried darkfall but sorry this isnt type of the game I was looking for :(, I browsed P2P mmos again, looked at your opinions and decided that I will play either Champions online or Lord of the rings online, if you want you can help me choosing.

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 37,004

    Originally posted by detlik

    I tried darkfall but sorry this isnt type of the game I was looking for :(, I browsed P2P mmos again, looked at your opinions and decided that I will play either Champions online or Lord of the rings online, if you want you can help me choosing.

    LotRO definitely, Cryptic games can DIAF.image

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  • detlikdetlik Member Posts: 76

    Could you please write reasons why Lotro is better than CO?

  • BetrayalFiveBetrayalFive Member Posts: 75

    I took advantage of the LOTRO sale for 10.00 and I am very pleased with the game: Relaxed community, beautiful graphics (imo), fun gameplay, and I love the lore and story just far. If you really need to know how LOTRO is better than CO I suggest try CO and you will find out. The only -positive- thing, to me and a lot of others, is its fun to make a costume but that is it...The game is choppy and laggy as hell (and i have a high-end rig), the combat is duller than dish water, the graphics are ok, yet another game rushed, imo....LOTRO is awesome! For crafting FE, for fml go DK because fuck will be your new favorite word.

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