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eRepublik - first massive social strategy game!

SexyTSexyT Member Posts: 2

What's this about?

eRepublik combines both social networking and strategy into a single massively multiplayer online game where players can participate in a variety of activities. Citizens of the New World can be employees, own businesses, form political parties, vote in elections, become party presidents, members of Congress or country presidents, write newspaper articles and even go to war as citizens of virtual versions of real life countries!

Upon joining a citizen picks which virtual country he wishes to join. Each of these countries is named after an actual country in the real world, and is located similarly. The citizen then seeks employment at a company within that country, and is allowed the opportunity to train as a soldier for that country. Training, and working at a company is done on a daily basis by a simple click of two buttons. One of the main drawing points of the website is that it takes a mere "14 minutes a day" to participate.

LINK: http://www.erepublik.com

Check it out, you will not regret it!


  • RobokappRobokapp Member RarePosts: 6,217

    tried it. during Beta. Before the layout change when you'd answer questions to determine things.


    it's ... decent. My country owned a third of the world, then got wtfpwnt back in place and yeah. I sort of ragequit over that. :)


    good game. not something you'd find yourself playing for hours each day but in small doses an ok addition to your (our) boring lives. 


  • SexyTSexyT Member Posts: 2

    I find the social side most entertaining.. Interaction with other people on IRC and planning tactics or just relaxing. Great way to meet bunch of new people from your own country. :)

    BTW, currently there is about 350.000 registrated users on eRepublik so it's worth a try




    Robokapp which country were you playing in? Maybe it's time for comeback :)) Even we may be in opposite alliances!  Who knows... :D

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